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Welcome to the Learning, Teaching, and Innovative Technologies Center!

Located in the James E Walker Library, Room 348

Presenter's Toolbox:
Leading a Workshop

Managing Your Workshop--The Cycle

  1. Get topic approved by directors Barbara Draude and Faye Johnson
  2. Download & submit the presentation form so that we know how to support you and how to describe your workshop or just contact the center.
  3. Center publicizes your workshop on its web site, listserv, newsletter, flyers.

    If desired, the Center can make copies of your materials if received a week before event. The Center will keep you informed of registrations.

Support for Your Workshop--The Center

All of the LT&ITC staff are experienced with presentations and familiar with various computer programs for building them. With reasonable notice, we can--

  1. Build a powerpoint presentation from your notes & instructions.
  2. Recommend and gather supporting visuals and handouts from our files, library, or academic web sites.
  3. Copy, collate, bind, set up.
  4. Create handouts, secure special display materials and equipment.

Tips for a Great Workshop

Based on workshop feedback, keep in mind that--

- Audiences like to do something--talk, do an exercise or activity
- Participants will come from many different departments and will ask you how your information applies to other them.
- Handouts help--we can put some together, supplement yours, etc.

Presentations are a way for you to meet faculty from all over campus, establish a reputation, demonstrate expertise and collegiality. And they can be a lot of fun--you're free to be as creative and original as you want!

Workshop Best Practices

Designing Super Powerpoints

How to Give an Academic Talk: Changing the Culture of Public Speaking in the Humanities

Why Use Handouts?

Presentation Helper


Delicious Presentation Bookmarks