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Teaching Tips - Rubrics

What is a rubric?
A rubric is a method of evaluating student work by establishing a set of guidelines that a project is based on/graded by. "Rubrics answer the questions: By what criteria should performance be judged? Where should we look and what should we look for to judge performance success? What does the range in the quality of performance look like? How do we determine validly, reliably, and fairly what score should given and what that score means? How should the different levels of quality be described and distinguished from one another?" ( 2000 Relearning by Design, Inc.)

Rubrics make grading difficult assignments easier, because you have established guidelines. Students can decide what grade they want to achieve and follow the criteria for that grade -- it eliminates grading questions from the student and educator.

Rubric Resources:

Discussion Board Rubrics

Authentic Assessment Toolbox
A web site that is a how-to hypertext on creating authentic tasks, rubrics and standards for measuring and improving student learning.

Rubric Builder at http://landmark-project.com/classweb/tools/rubric_builder.php?

Rubric Creator, teAchnology: The Online Teacher Resource

Family Education Network, Assessment, How to Weight Rubrics, at http://www.teachervision.fen.com/page/4525.html

Relearning by Design, Inc., Rubrics, at: http://www.relearning.org/resources/PDF/rubric_sampler.pdf.