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Teaching Tips - Blogs

What is a blog or Weblog?

(Definition summarized from information provided on the Teaching Learning & Technology (TLT) Group Website.)

A blog or Weblog is a web page that is used as a place to post information much like a journal. A blog or Weblog is like instant messaging to the web. Short or long blocks of information can be added 24/7. The content varies and is unlimited; content is formed by the blogger. You can use it as a diary, memoir journal or intellectual notebook. You can post links, audio or video. It is much easier to use or form than a Website. The software and personal websites are usually free and a blog can be set up in less than an hour. The general public can post a message on the blog, but they cannot alter the original posted content.

Listservs, blogs, and wikis can be incorporated into the classroom. For more information on the integration of these community building tools, refer to the resources below or call the Center at 615-494-7671.