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Teaching Tips - Kinesthetic Learning

The following information was adapted from the book Teaching and Learning Through Multiple Intelligences (Third Edition) by Linda Campbell, Bruce Campbell and Dee Dickinson. (Available in the LT&ITC library.)

Reaching Kinesthetic Learners

Kinesthetic learners rely on kinesthetic or tactile processes to understand new concepts. Body movement, learning by experiencing or physically manipulating things is how these students develop an understanding of information. Audio and visual methods of teaching do not provide adequate sensory channels for retention and understanding in these individuals. These students learn by being actively involved in the learning or by doing/participating in activities related to the new information.

Activities Used to Engage Kinesthetic Learners

  • Formal theatre
  • Role playing
  • Creative Drama
  • Simulations
  • Creative movement activities
  • A sequence for learning through dance, music, art
  • Task cards
  • Puzzles
  • Scavenger hunts
  • Games
  • Physical response games
  • Exercise breaks
  • Experiments
  • Problem-solving
  • Group work

Role Play

  • Determine the lesson objectives/student learning outcomes and discuss with students
  • Outline the role play (the problem or central idea/issue should be identified)
  • Develop the roles and selection process for choosing the performers
  • Decide on whether the students will memorize lines or adlib
  • How much preparation time is needed
  • Decide if the audience has a role and what it is and explain what is expected of them (what they should listen for)
  • Elicit help from non participants to prepare props and/ or equipment
  • Rehearse and perform
  • Have students reflect and write about their experience
  • Hold classroom discussion on main thought

These are just a few suggestions for starting reaching kinesthetic learners. For more information, contact the LT&ITC at 615-494-7671 or by e-mail at Also, the book Teaching and Learning Through Multiple Intelligences (Third Edition) is available in the LT&ITC library.