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SoTL Research Projects 2009-2010

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Brinthaupt, T. M., Clayton, M. A, & Draude, B. J. (2009). Barriers to and strategies for faculty integration of IT. In P. Rogers, G. Berg, J. Boettcher, C. Howard, L. Justice, & K Schenk (Eds.), Encyclopedia of Distance Learning (2nd ed., Vol. 1, pp. 138-145). Hershey, PA: IGI Global.
In this article, the authors reviewed and summarized many of the major barriers that faculty encounter when trying to integrate technology into their teaching, as well as major ways that these barriers can be addressed and overcome.
Available here
Contact: Tom.Brinthaupt@mtsu.edu

Draude, B. J., Clayton, M. A., & Brinthaupt, T. M. (2009). "We're changing again? No way!" A case study of a course management system transition. Journal of Online Learning and Teaching, 5, 131-137.
In this paper, the authors presented a case study of the MTSU campus's transition to D2L, including the ways that they planned, implemented, and obtained faculty feedback about that process.
Available here
Contact: Barbara.Draude@mtsu.edu

Ivancevich, J. M., Gilbert, J. A., & Konopaske, R.  (2009). Facilitating and studying dialogue in select online courses. Journal of Management Education, 33, 196-218. 
Dialogue is arguably one of the most significant elements of learning in higher education. The premise of this article is that online instructors can creatively facilitate dialogue for effectively teaching online management courses. In this article, the authors present a dialogue-focused framework for addressing significant behavioral, structural, and technological elements that involve the development and delivery of knowledge and application use (KAU) online management course content. Specifically, the proposed framework and propositions suggest how various antecedents and moderators influence the use of dialogue resources, technology, and student engagement in KAU-type management courses.
Available here
Contact: Jackie.Gilbert@mtsu.edu

Boraiko, C., & Brinthaupt, T. M. (2010). Teaching a safety class with a hybrid format: A case study. Journal of Safety Health and Environmental Research, 6(3).
In this paper, the authors collected evaluative data from a newly developed hybrid course to demonstrate that it was an effective way to teach this content.
Available here
Contact: Carol.Boraiko@mtsu.edu
Smith, C. F. (2010). Corrections in the classroom: A recruiting tool. Corrections Today, 72(5), 36-39.
In this paper, the author presents results from a student survey to the readers of a journal for Corrections professionals. The focus of the article was on strategies for teaching the topic of Corrections. Topics included student perceptions of the field of Corrections as a profession.
Available here
Contact: Carter.Smith@mtsu.edu

Brinthaupt, T. M. (2010). Development and implementation of an online careers seminar in psychology. Teaching of Psychology, 37, 58-62.
In this article, the author described the development, implementation, and assessment of the online course for psychology career advising. Advising courses have become increasingly popular in psychology, and this paper was the first to describe how such courses can be taught online.
Available here
Contact: Tom.Brinthaupt@mtsu.edu

Sheehan-Smith, L. M., & Brinthaupt, T. M. (2010). Using service-learning to teach health coaching. Academic Exchange Quarterly, 14(2), 66-71.
In this paper, the authors describe the use of a service-learning project to teach health coaching during a medical nutrition therapy course. Students (N=16) served as coaches for a 4-month program called Discovering Healthy Families (DHF). Evaluation of the project indicated benefits for both students and DHF participants. The students' knowledge of coaching was higher at the end of the program and DHF participants were very satisfied with their coaches.
Available here
Contact: Lisa.Sheehan-Smith@mtsu.edu


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