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Faculty Learning Communities

MTSU Civic Engagement Faculty Learning Community

MTSU eLearning Pedagogy Faculty Learning Community

MTSU Faculty Learning Communities

In 2007, Milton Cox, national expert on faculty learning communities (FLC's), led a Showcase for the Learning, Teaching, & Innovative Technologies Center. His instruction on faculty learning communities was so well received by faculty participants that co-directors Barbara Draude and Faye Johnson sponsored the travel of several faculty members to an FLC conference to assess whether such an trans-disciplinary group could benefit MTSU. Positive feedback helped create the first MTSU Civic Engagement Faculty Learning Community in 2009 and a second in 2010, the MTSU eLearning Pedagogy Faculty Learning Community. The success of these two pilot communities ensure that FLCs will be a permanent part of academic life at MTSU.

What is a Faculty Learning Community?

At MTSU, a faculty learning community functions with about 6 -10 trans-disciplinary faculty whose common purpose is to focus on some teaching and learning topic of importance to the academic community.For a year, members meet, share research and results, and ultimately produce a body of work -- both individually and collectively -- that can be shared with others either through publication, presentation, or some other form of outreach.

Each participant in the community may select a focus course or project to try out "innovations and assess their impact on student learning, and then prepare a course or project mini-portfolio to s
howcase the results.

Active Faculty Learning Communities

MTSU Civic Engagement FLC

MTSU eLearning Pedagogy FLC

Ron Kates, Facilitator

Tom Brinthaupt, Facilitator

Jim Williams, Facilitator