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Located in the James E Walker Library, Room 348

About Us

Mission: To create a community of faculty who develop, improve and integrate creative and effective use of appropriate pedagogy and technologies to enhance student learning.

Established in 2004, the Learning, Teaching and Innovative Technologies Center (LT&ITC) began its work as an agent for excellence in teaching and learning at Middle Tennessee State University. Spearheaded by Barbara Draude, Assistant Vice President for Academic and Instructional Technology Services in the Information Technology Division, and Faye Johnson, Assistant to the Provost for Special Initiatives in the Academic Affairs Division, the Center unites the resources of academe with those of technology, in effect, modeling the latest advances in teaching and learning methods in the 21st century.

he Center offers practical and informative workshops, webinars and events on a range of topics serving hundreds of faculty yearly. T he Center also brings faculty together, helping to establish relationships that can develop skills and understanding of teaching and learning issues. The Center relies on input from its faculty committees -- the Advisory Board, the Faculty Fellows, the Roundtable, and other ad hoc faculty communities to understand the issues affecting the academic community and to determine best practices for uniting its members. Through its web site, the SourceLink newsletter, a specialized library, and workshop offerings, the Center keeps faculty informed and included in the teaching and learning community.


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