Welcome to the Learning, Teaching, and Innovative Technologies Center!

Located in the James E Walker Library, Room 348


LT&ITC Library & Resource Center

The Learning, Teaching & Innovative Technologies Center maintains a special collection of books, journals, media, newsletters, and other materials related to both the practice and scholarship of teaching and learning as well as professional development. Starting this year, the fall of 2009, we will also make available all materials associated with our workshops and events such as workshop presentations, handouts, articles, etc.

You can now browse our collection online. We have catalogued our materials in an online database called LibraryThing, a library-quality catalog now used by many university teaching centers. There you'll be able to view and search the collection, read comments, access reviews, and, if you join, even interact with other readers. As always, the center welcomes recommendations for our library.

To view the catalog:

Go to LTITC LibraryThing to search our collection either by keyword, author, title.

** To borrow materials, email us at ltanditc@mtsu.edu with your requests. You can either pick them up at our temporary location or ask us to interoffice mail them to you.

By joining LibraryThing, you'll be able to activate its interactive options -- create or participate in reader communities, write reviews and comments, etc. There is no cost to join and it is very quick & simple to do.

If you wish to to join as a member of the LT&ITC Library, do the following:

1. In "join now" fill in a user name and password of your choice.

2. Once logged in, choose the "Search" tab at the top of the page.

3. In the "Members & Locations" box, enter LTITC (all caps) and click Search.

4. One result will appear -- click the link to go to the LT&ITC library Profile page.

5. Now click on "see library" to view/search the entire collection...or click on any tag to see titles on a specific topic.

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