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Outstanding Teachers

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Who Are the Outstanding Teachers of MTSU?

Once a year five outstanding teachers are chosen by alumni, students, and tenured faculty to receive a $3,000 award from the MTSU Foundation for their excellence in teaching. The Learning, Teaching and Innovative Technologies Center recognizes the expertise and caring commitment of these individuals and would like to share "what makes these individuals outstanding teachers" with others. We feature them on our web site header above.

Outstanding Teachers Information

In 2006, our Faculty Fellows took on the responsibility of videotaping interviews with the outstanding teachers, allowing us to share their experiences with others. In 2008, the center adopted a podcast format to record a brief interview, available on our iTunesU site, with each teacher. We have also created web pages for them that feature their biographies and other information about their teaching and interests.

Nominating Process and Guidelines

Nominations for these awards are made in the spring by alumni, faculty, and students. Selections are based upon evaluations by both students and tenured faculty. The nomination forms for the outstanding teacher are available in both HTML and Adobe PDF formats.

Nomination Forms

Guidelines for Nomination

  1. Faculty need only receive nominations from 2 of the 3 groups, but must receive more than one nomination from one of them.
  2. A faculty member may nominate only one person.
  3. Only full-time faculty who teach at least 8 hours can be nominated.
  4. Faculty nominated must be in at least their fourth year at MTSU.
  5. Previous award winners can be nominated once five years have elapsed since receiving award.

If you have additional questions about the nomination process, contact Ms. Pat Thomas, x5941.