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MTSU College of Mass Communication

In Mass Comm, you'll explore theory and practice, laws, ethics, and philosophy of communication while also learning specific skills in a chosen area. More than 65 faculty members will work with you in small-class settings. MTSU Mass Comm is an accredited professional college, and our faculty members have advanced degrees, experience in the areas they teach, and a dedication to nurturing creativity and professionalism.

The 80,000 sq.ft. John Bragg Mass Communication building, completed in 1991, houses purpose-designed production facilities in recording industry and radio-television, plus computer labs for animation and graphics for print media. An initial capital and building expenditure of $14.5 million created this student based facility. Faculty members work constantly to blend theory and practice. As you learn about communications theory, ethics and philosophy, you'll also be able to create, produce, and present projects for print, audio, and/or visual media.

The college is preparing for the impact of media convergence. MTSU Mass Comm is launching a focus on interactive multimedia and planning for the many changes in the years to come. We are committed to help students prepare for the challenges of ever-evolving technology.


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