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Board of Professional Advisors

Tommy Bragg
City of Murfreesboro
Murfreesboro, TN

Tommy Bragg was re-elected in April 2006 to a four-year term as Murfreesboro Mayor on a platform of improving educational excellence in the city schools system, support for Middle Tennessee State University, an improved business climate and a focus on responsible growth to enhance Murfreesboro's quality of life. Bragg was born in Murfreesboro in 1947 and, along with his wife Jeanne, has three children, Beth, Anne and John. He earned a degree in journalism from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville and is a retired Colonel in the Tennessee Air National Guard. He is former owner of Courier Printing in Smyrna and is a former president of the Printing Industry Association of the South and an inductee to the Ash Khan Honor Society of the Printing Industry of America. He is a Rotary International Paul Harris Fellow.