Math Sciences

Recent Department Activities - 2010-2011


Dr. Suzanne Robertson
presented the colloquium talk "Modeling the Spread of Waterborne Disease: Incorporating Heterogeneity in Multiple Transmission Pathways".

Dr. Jintao Cui
presented the colloquium talk "Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Elliptic Problems"

Mr. Dong Ye
presented the colloquium "Fullerenes: Resonance, Kekule Count and Stability".

Dr. Linda Gilbert
, Director, Murfreesboro City Schools presented "Gown and Town, Research and Practice: Collaboration and Understanding make the best Partnerships"
in the MSE Seminar Series.

Dr. Hehui Wu,
Department of Mathematics, McGill University, presented the colloquium "Longest Cycles in Graphs with Given Independence Number and Connectivity".


Dr. Sinkala
, MTSU Department of Mathematical Sciences, presented "Mathematical Modeling of Competition Between the Immune System and Cancer", in the COMS Seminar.


Mr. Lu Xiong
, presented "Multiresolution Analysis Method for IMS Data Biomarker selection and Classification", in the COMS Seminar.

Dr. Michaele Chappell (Mathematical Sciences)
Dr. Chappell recently participated in a Math Education Delegation to Brazil. While there, Chappell and 14 other delegates from around the U.S. made several professional visits to universities and schools in the cities of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. She presented a talk on, Films: Cultural Media for Exploring Mathematics to a group of Brazilian faculty and students at Projeto Fundão of the (Federal) University of Rio de Janeiro.

Cori Hendon
presented "Verification of Los Alamos National Lab Production Hydrodynamics Code xRAGE", in the COMS Seminar.

Professor Henri Shurtz
, Department of Mathematics, Southern Illinois University, presented the colloquium talk "Basic Concepts of Numerical Analysis Explained by Simplest Class of Stochastic Runge-Kutta Methods for Stochastic Differential Equations"

Dr. John Wallin
  presented "Galactic Mergers � Observations, Numerical Models, and Dynamical Parameters using Galaxy Zoo", in the COMS Seminar


Volodymyr Borodin, COMS Ph.D. student, MTSU, presented at the Regional AMS Meeting held in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Expanding Your Horizons (EYH)

The EYH in Science and Mathematics Conference.
Check the website for more information.

Dr. Hyrum Carroll
presented "PSI-GLOBAL: Domain-aware Genetic Sequence Alignment", in the COMES Seminar

Dr. Glenn Webb,
Department of Mathematics, Vanderbilt University presented "Mathematical Models of Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria Epidemics in Hospitals" as part of the MTSU Distingsuihed Lecture program. View the flyer. for his talk.

Dr. Shawn Garbett,
Center for Cancer Systems Biology, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, presented "Beyond Persistence: New Models of Cell Motility", in
the COMS Seminar.

1 - 10
Dr. Michaele Chappell, MTSU Department of Mathematical Sciences, was invited to accompany the People to People Citizen Ambassador Program's Mathematics Education Delegation to Brazil. Each delegate prepared a brief presentation (approx 20 min.) regarding their research and/or scholarly activity that was conducted at different times during the scheduled site visits and/or meetings.


Dr. Yuri Melnikov book "Green's Functions and Infinite Products", was published.

Dr. Greg Fasshauer,
Department of Applied Mathematics, Illinois Institute of Technology, presented "Positive Definite Kernels", in the COMS Seminar.

Mr. Jeffrey Pair, Graduate Teaching Assistant, MTSU Department of Mathematical Sciences, presented "The Minimum Randic Index of Bicyclic Graphs with K Pendant Vertices"in the Discrete Mathematics Seminar.

Dr. Jwa K. Kim, MTSU, Department of Psychology presented "Item Response Theory (IRT): Its Theories & Applications" in the MSE Seminar Series.


Dr. Don Hong,
MTSU Department of Mathematical Sciences, was invited to give a one-hour talk at the Canada-China-USA Conference on Modern Techniques in Computational Mathematics held at the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada from August 22-14, 2011.

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