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 Faculty Teaching Schedule and Office Hours - Spring 2015


FACULTY (Click faculty name to access their webpage)
All departmental offices are located in the Kirksey Old Main (KOM) building unless noted otherwise.

Name Rank Office Phone E-Mail
Dr. Donald Nelson Chair & Prof. 223 898-2669
Dr. Angela Barlow Prof. JH 157 898-5353  
Dr. Rajesh Barnwal Assoc. Prof. 226G 898-2845
Dr. Michael Beck Assoc. Prof. 201E 898-2674
Dr. Sarah Bleiler Assist. Prof 263 898-2616
Dr. Rebecca Calahan Prof. 226D 898-5776
Dr. Michaele Chappell Prof. 203B 898-2393
Dr. Wandi Ding Assoc. Prof. 203G 494-8936
Dr. Lisa B Green Assoc. Prof. 201B 898-5775
Dr. James Hart Assoc. Prof. 226A 898-2402
Dr. Don Hong Prof. 269 904-8339
Dr. Rongjin Huang Assoc. Prof. 226F 494-7881
Dr. Abdul Khaliq Prof. 250 494-8889
Dr. Dovie Kimmins Prof. 203C 898-2396
Dr. Vatsala Krishnamani Prof. 223A 898-2492
Dr. Rachel Leander Assist. Prof 255 898-2684
Dr. Alyson Lischka Assist. Prof. 223B 898-5781
Dr. Mary Martin Prof. 203F 904-8236
Dr. Nancy McCormick Assoc. Prof. 201D 898-5763
Dr. Yuri Melnikov Prof. 259 898-2844
Dr. L. Diane Miller Prof. HONR 0230 898-5472
Dr. Terrance Quinn Prof. 201G 898-2280
Dr. Ginger Rowell Prof. 201F 898-5540
Dr. Zachariah Sinkala Prof. 203E 898-2679
Dr. David Chris Stephens Assoc.Prof. 272 494-8957
Dr. Jeremy Strayer Assist. Prof. 226B 898-2491
Ms. Elaine Tenpenny Assoc. Prof. 201D 898-2865
Dr. Dennis Walsh Assoc. Prof. 273 898-2224
Dr. Andrew Worsey Prof. 261 898-5471
Dr. Qiang Wu Assist. Prof. 203A 898-2053
Dr. Dong Ye Assist. Prof 274 898-2026
Dr. Xiaoya Zha Prof. 271 898-2494
Dr. Ping Zhang Assoc. Prof. 201A 898-5939
Dr. Jan Zijlstra Assoc. Prof. 257 898-2691


Name Rank Office Phone E-Mail
Ms. Carla Adamson Instructor 249 898-2398
Mr. Don Bailey Instructor 268 494-8958
Ms. Victoria Hamlin Instructor 264 898-2977
Dr. Angie Murdock Instructor 254 494-8994
Mr. Alier Reng Instructor 262 494-7902  
Mr. Brents Ring Instructor 258 494-8934
Mr. John W. Schmidt Instructor 266 494-8944
Mr. Forrest Wang Instructor 256 904-8160


Name Rank Office Phone E-Mail
Ms. Catherine Burnette Exec. Aide 223C 898-5929
Ms. Gail Crips Secretary 223D 898-2669
Ms. Cyndi Smith Secretary 223D 898-5566

Office: KOM 252B Phone: 494-7895

Name E-Mail
Ms. Sujani Ambahera
Ms. Anna Bachstein
Ms. Danielle Baghernejad
Mr. Carson Cook
Mr. Brian Frazier
Ms. Wuyan Li
Mr. David Mathews
Mr. Justin McClain
Mr. Alexander Murphy
Ms. Rachel Perri
Mr. Daniel Ramsay
Mr. Matthew Wiese


Name E-Mail
 Mr. Wesley Baxter
 Dr. Volodymyr Borodin
 Mr. John Dusenberry
 Dr. Lu Xiong


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