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College Access & Success

Lesson 2: Prepare for the Journey

Section 2.1 – What Are My Options?

Please Note: Lesson two is the College Access & Success lesson. There are three sections for this lesson. This review is for the first section 2.1 - What Are My Options?


1. Please review the following presentation format:

PowerPoint with Narration

This presentation includes PowerPoint with narration and may be stopped at anytime by hitting Escape. User may resume PowerPoint by clicking the From Current Slide option in the PowerPoint toolbar. In addition, user may click on any live web link to view external resources. Once external site is closed PowerPoint will resume automatically.

Additional formats for your use (maybe printed out prior to review):

Narrative (written narrative only, no voiceover)

PowerPoint (PowerPoint presentation only, no voiceover)

2. Please provide your feedback:

Once you have decided upon which format(s) you would like to review, it is suggested that you take a quick look at the survey provided to gather your feedback and then take a look at the curriculum once you have an idea of the type of feedback we are soliciting. Please be sure to note any inconsistencies in flow, connection with associated standard/competencies (provided below), and/or areas of strength as well as any other suggestions or comments to enhance the curriculum that are not directly addressed by the survey.

Link for Feedback:

Thank you again for your invaluable feedback. The review will not only inform the curriculum development and delivery for this lesson/standard but will also help refine the process for review of the other four modules.