Step #4 - Select a Major and Classes

Selecting your major and registering for classes is a critical step in the process of attending MTSU.

Decide on a Degree

A full list of degrees offered at MTSU can be found here.

If you are undecided, MTSU's career center has a number of useful tools to help you determine the best degree for you.

Academic Advising

Your academic advisor will be one of your most important resources at MTSU.

If you have decided on your major, you will be assigned an advisor from the department of your major.

If you have not decided on a major, you should contact the University College Advising Center at (615) 898-2339. You will be assigned an advisor and can schedule a meeting.

Pay Fees and Confirm Class Schedule

Before you start taking classes, you will first need to pay your fees and confirm your class schedule.

Other useful information