General Guidelines

General Guidelines to Follow Once You Have Enrolled

  • VA will only pay for courses required in the student's major or minor. You should report any changes in your major to the MTSU Veterans Affairs Office.
  • You must notify the MTSU Veterans Affairs Office immediately of any changes in registration or class attendance which may affect your status as a full or part-time student.
  • VA benefits are based on the number of credit hours a student is registered for and attending. Dropping or not attending classes could result in overpayment. Additionally, certain courses (ENGL 1009, 1010, 1020, READ 1000) award a grade of "N" if a student hasn't earned the minimum grade required for the course. Since MTSU Academic Regulations consider a grade of "N" to be a non-punitive grade, Veterans Administration rules & regulations state that a student cannot be paid for a non-punitive grade. Therefore, if you receive an "N" grade in a course, you could incur an overpayment which you will have to repay to the Veterans Administration. Please contact the Veterans Affairs Office at (615) 898-2601 if you have any questions regarding this matter.
  • VA will only pay benefits for one program at a time. If you are working toward two different degrees and/or programs at the same time, you must choose which one will be your primary program to be reported to the VA.
  • You cannot be certified to re-enroll in courses for which you have earned a passing grade. VA will only pay for repeating courses with grades of "F", "N", or "W" unless the MTSU online catalog specifically states that a certain minimum grade is required.
  • VA will not pay for online remedial or developmental courses.
  • You should not enroll in any courses that you have previously been given credit earned by military service.
  • Most internships/practical training/independent study courses are not approved for veteran's benefits. Please check with the veteran's coordinator, Ray Howell, in the MTSU Veterans Affairs Office prior to enrolling in these courses.
  • Incoming veterans should consult their academic advisors concerning evaluation of prior military credit before going through MTSU's Admissions Office for transfer of military credits. Military credits apply to cumulative hours earned, but may not apply to your degree program. Excessive hours may disqualify you for financial aid.
  • Incoming veterans who are classified as out-of-state for fee payment purposes should discuss their residency status with the Admissions Office to inquire if their spouse's residency can be used by the veteran to qualify them for in-state status for fee payment purposes.


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