Graduate Assistantships

Limited full- and part-time graduate assistantships available for MSPS students. These cover full or half of the cost of tuition in return for working in a variety of positions on campus through the College of Basic and Applied Science, the College of Liberal Arts, or College of Behavioral and Health Sciences for 20 hours (if full-time) or 10 hours (if part-time) per week. Out-of-state residents also receive a waiver of out-of-state fees.

Students must be accepted into the MSPS program before they can apply for an assistantship.  

Priority Dates for MSPS Application Submission

  • Fall Semester - May 1 of same year
  • Spring Semester - October 1 of previous year
  • Summer Semester - March 1 of same year (Only for students already in the United States)

The priority dates ensure that students accepted into the program can be considered for all graduate assistantships.  While applications will be accepted after these dates, some of the assistantships will have been awarded.  

Are there other assistantships available on campus?

Yes. Other departments offers graduate assistantships. You may also submit an application through these non-academic MTSU departments: Accounts Payable, Business Office, Campus Recreation, Center for Health and Human Services, Dyslexic Studies, Information Technology Division, Instructional Technology Support Center, Learning Teaching and Innovative Technology Center, News & Media Relations Office, Office of Compliance, Office of Development, and University Studies. Current contact information for these departments is available here.

How can I be considered for a GA position?

A GA must be enrolled in and fully admitted to a graduate degree program, which means he or she has completed all graduate admissions procedures and has been approved unconditionally. After obtaining a GA position, you must maintain a 3.00 GPA.

Are any scholarships available?

The College of Graduate Studies offers a limited number of scholarships and you may wish to submit an application. There are several scholarships for graduate students available through the MTSU College of Graduate Studies.

Is there a fellowship program?

The College of Graduate Studies administers the Access and Diversity Fellowship program. To be eligible, the student must be awarded a graduate assistantship and must be in a group that is under-represented in graduate education in general or groups who are under-represented in a particular discipline (e.g., women in computer science). Contact Graduate Studies for more information about the Access and Diversity Fellowship at 615-898-2840.

What will it cost to be a student?

This depends on several factors but this link can help you create a budget. Learn about MTSU's tuition, fees and other costs. Also, select the "MTSU cost of attendance" link on the left side of the page to estimate other expenses.

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