Program Director
Saeed Foroudastan (Ph.D., Tennessee Technological University) 
1026 Science Building
MTSU Box 83
Murfreesboro, TN 37132

Dr. Foroudastan serves as the Program Director of the MS-PS Program as well as the Associate Dean of the College of Basic and Applied Science.

His industrial experience focused on the areas of Manufacturing, Research and Development, Design and Analysis, Metal Forming, Material Characterization, Mathematical Modeling and Simulation, and Management of Engineering Projects. He has also achieved U.S. and European patents and published technical papers throughout his industrial career.

His academic experience includes teaching in the area of engineering technology, safety, environmental science and technology, civil and mechanical engineering, and computer science. Furthermore, he has performed extensive externally funded research, instructed several laboratories, and published technical papers. In addition to this, he also reviews papers for journals and conference proceedings and has been a session moderator for several professional conferences. He has also served on committees at the department, college, and university levels. Finally, he has been the faculty advisor for such national competitions as the Solarbike Rayce, the Great Moonbuggy Race, the SAE Formula One Collegiate Competition, Mini Baja, and Solar Boat.

For his concern for students and his dedication to them, Dr. Foroudastan received the 2002-2003 Outstanding Teaching Award from Middle Tennessee State University. Also in the same year he published six technical papers. He published an average of ten papers in 2003-2004 and 2004-2005. Dr. Foroudastan has been nominated for Outstanding Research Award and Public Service Award for 2005. He currently holds full membership in the MTSU Graduate Faculty and serves as a graduate faculty advisor. Finally, he has previously served as the faculty advisor for Mechanical Engineering Technology, Pre-engineering, ASME, SAE , and Tau Alpha Pi Honors Society.

Actuarial Sciences Coordinator
Don Hong (Ph.D., Texas A&M University)
269 Kirksey Old Main
MTSU Box 34
Murfreesboro, TN 37132

Dr. Don Hong, Professor of the Department of Mathematical Science, earned his Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics from Texas A&M University and finished his postdoctoral training at the University of Texas-Austin in Computational Mathematics. Before taking a faculty position at MTSU, he received internship at Texas Department of Insurance and also served on the faculty at East Tennessee State University as the director of actuarial mathematics program. He also has held Visiting Professor positions at the Departments of Mathematics and Biostatistics of Vanderbilt University.

Dr. Hong is a Recipient of 2009 Distinguished Faculty Research Award from MTSU Foundation. His research areas include Approximation Theory, Medical Data Analysis, and Computational Statistics. Dr. Hong has published two books and more than 40 research articles in leading journals. His research results were cited by over hundred scientists all over the world. He has been invited to speak at national and international conferences, as well as in colloquia at several top ranked schools. In addition to having been a guest editor of three mathematical journals, he is serving on the editorial boards of the Journal of Applied Functional Analysis, International Journal of Mathematics and Computer Science, The Current Development in Theory and Applications of Wavelets , and Open Proteomics Journal. He is also serving as an International Editorial Member of the Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence (CAAI) Transactions on Intelligent Systems, and has served as a referee for more than 20 journals, a reviewer/panel reviewer of research proposals for National Science Foundation (NSF) and National Institute of Health (NIH). He has received research support from NSF, NSA, CASE, and other agencies/organizations.

Dr. Hong serves as the faculty advisor of the Actuarial Math Student Association (AMSA), faculty member of the Ph.D. program in Computational Science (COMS), and the convener of the Actuarial Science (ACSI) program.

Dr. Green Biostatistics Coordinator
Lisa Bloomer Green (PhD, Georgia Institute of Technology)
201B Kirksey Old Main
MTSU Box 34
Murfreesboro, TN 37132

Dr. Lisa Bloomer Green, Associate Professor of Mathematics at MTSU, is the Biostatistics Coordinator. She earned a Bachelor of Science in mathematics and computer science at Goucher College in Maryland. She was awarded both Master and Ph.D degrees in applied mathematics from Georgia Institute of Technology. Dr. Green has been teaching mathematics and statistics at MTSU since 2001.

Dr. Green has been involved in statistics education research, statistical consulting projects, and theoretical probability work. She worked with several colleagues on a project cataloguing internet resources for the teaching of statistics. She has worked on several projects for NASA, including the analysis of cloud data and the modeling of telescope costs. And she has worked on random probability measures. Several of these projects have included student contributions.

Dr. Seipelt-Thiemann Biotechnology Coordinator
Rebecca Seipelt-Thiemann (PhD, University of Kentucky) 
2012 Science Building
MTSU Box 60
Murfreesboro, TN 37132

Dr. Rebecca Seipelt, associate professor of biology, earned her B.A. in biology at Berea College and her Ph.D. at the University of Kentucky College of Medicine in Medical Microbiology and Immunology. She furthered her studies through post-doctoral training in gene expression at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine and the Thomas Hunt Morgan School of Biological Sciences at the University of Kentucky before taking a faculty position at MTSU.

Dr Seipelt teaches non-majors biology, general genetics, internship in biology, undergraduate research, and human genetics while pursuing research in molecular biology and service related to biotechnology integration into high schools. Her basic science research interests include the function and expression of M1 metallopeptidases in yeast and humans, regulated gene expression at the RNA level in various eukaryotic species, and bioinformatics using existing microarray data. Her education research interests include internship experiences, interdisciplinary peer-teaching teams, practice problems to improve problem solving skills, and concept map use in upper division courses. Her service activities include coordinating internship experiences for biotechnology undergraduates and graduates as well as biotechnology outreach to local high schools by providing expertise, equipment, and workshop opportunities.

Dr. Seipelt additionally has been recognized at the University level with two awards for outstanding use of instructional technology, at the College level with one award for mentoring research students and two award for teaching.

Dr. Elrod-Erickson Biotechnology Admissions Coordinator
Matt Elrod-Erickson (Ph.D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
2028 Science Building
MTSU Box 60

Dr. Elrod-Erickson, associate professor of biology, earned his B.A. in microbiology at the University of Texas. He then furthered his education at MIT obtaining a Ph.D. in biology before taking a faculty position at MTSU

Dr. Elrod-Erickson is interested in various aspects of basic cellular and molecular biology. He is interested in the molecular mechanisms that determine how proteins are sorted and transported within cells and how cytoskeletal systems help establish cell asymmetries and bring about asymmetric cell divisions. He conducts research using the budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae which is an excellent model organism for determining how basic cellular functions common to all eukaryotic cells work. Yeast are amenable to both genetic and molecular analyses, and the techniques for doing research on yeast can be mastered fairly quickly, making it an ideal system for research at the undergraduate and masters level.

hinote Health Care Informatics Coordinator 
Brian Hinote (Ph.D. University of Alabama at Birmingham) 
325 Todd Hall
MTSU Box 10
Murfreesboro, TN 37132

Dr. Brian P. Hinote serves as the coordinator and liaison for the Health Care Informatics concentration of MTSU's MSPS program.  Before arriving at MTSU in 2007, Dr. Hinote earned his doctorate in sociology from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, specializing in health and medicine.  Since then, he has compiled an impressive record of leadership, teaching, research, and service at MTSU and in his respective fields of study.  In addition to clinical and research experience in areas as diverse as pediatrics, neurology, and cell biology, Dr. Hinote's interdisciplinary work appears in multiple books and peer-reviewed journals in social science, nursing, and medicine.  With previous research stretching across multiple continents, his most recent work focuses on the various ways that social and behavioral science perspectives intersect and inform health care delivery and policy, clinical practice, and the work of various health professions.  This line of inquiry has culminated in his latest book project, set for publication in 2016 (Rowman & Littlefield).

As a researcher and experienced educator, Dr. Hinote possesses valuable expertise working with students in various health fields, as well as health professionals already in the workforce.  He is a recognized expert in academia, in law, and in business, and has a demonstrated record of leadership and collaboration across our university and community, and beyond.   Dr. Hinote is also a graduate of Vanderbilt University's Peabody Institute in Higher Education Management, and has served as a university administration fellow in the Office of the Provost at Tennessee Technological University.  He is an active member of the Graduate and Honors Faculties at MTSU, and is an officer in the Faculty Senate and a member of its Steering and Liaison Committees.  Dr. Hinote has mentored many students from diverse backgrounds, and has presented or published papers with several of them.  He is an experienced mentor and consultant, both on and off campus, and his research has been funded by multiple university grant and national research awards.  His current research, with colleagues from multiple health and social science disciplines, is funded by the National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health.

Dr. Smith Business Core Coordinator
Vincent W. Smith (Ed.D. Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee)
N433 Business and Aerospace Bldg
MTSU Box 160
Murfreesboro, TN 37132

Dr. Vincent W. Smith, Professor of Business Education, serves as the coordinator and liaison for the business component of the MS-PS program. Dr. Smith received his B.S. and M.B.E. degrees in business education from Middle Tennessee State University and his Ed.D. degree from Vanderbilt University. Dr. Smith joined the MTSU business education faculty in 1985. He is actively involved in the business education community on local, state, and national levels. He is President of the Tennessee Business Education Association, a member of the Delta Pi Epsilon National Publications Committee,Section editor for the Business Education Forum, and Co-Sponsor of the Gamma Eta local chapter, and served from 1997-2005 as a teacher educator with the Tennessee Department of Education, Division of Career and Technical Education, consulting with State staff and state middle and high school business teachers in the areas of teacher licensure, certification, and professional development.

In 2006, Dr. Smith became a Certified Online Instructor. As such, Dr. Smith teaches several classes online in the Business Communications and Entrepreneurship department and through Regents Online Campus Collaborative (ROCC)  in addition to his face-to-face classes. He has also designed and delivered numerous professional development seminars related to business education and technology. He has also published in the areas of court reporting, business education, office management, and technology.

Dr. Smith has been recognized at the university level as the recipient of the 2007 Distinguished Educator in Distance Learning Award from MTSU, the 2007 Tennessee Business Education Association Postsecondary Business Teacher of the Year Award,  and the 2010-2011 MTSU Outstanding Achievement in Instructional Technology Award.

Dr. harris

  Geosciences Coordinator
 Dr. Clay Harris (Ph.D. Indiana University, Bloomington)
 322E Kirksey Old Main
 MTSU Box 09

Detailed information coming soon.


David GoreEngineering Management Coordinator
David Gore
(P.E. Florida Institute of Technology)
249 Voorhies Engineering Technology Building
MTSU Box 19

Mr. Gore is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Engineering Technology and Industrial Studies.  He received his BSEE Degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology and MSEE from the Florida Institute of Technology.  He also attended Xavier University and completed MBA coursework in Operations Research, Administrative Operations, and Economics.  He is a registered Professional Engineer in the state of Tennessee, and received his Blackbelt training from the Society of Manufacturing Engineers. He is a member of several honorary societies -- Eta Kappa Nu (Electrical Engineering), Tau Beta Pi (Engineering), and the Briaerean Society (Co-op).

His industry experience spans 33 years beginning with Pan-American/Guided Missiles Range Division as the Telemetry Project Engineer on the Titan IIIC and Mariner Mars projects.  Afterwards he worked as a Product Manager at Industrial Nucleonics Corporation in development of Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems; and, then as the Design Engineering Manager at Chromolox Instruments & Controls.  Later, he joined MeasureX Corporation as an Account Manager involved with sales of Computer Control Systems to the Pulp & Paper Industry.

He worked as a Department Manager at Nissan for 19 years in several departments -- Plant Engineering, Information Systems, Maintenance & Manufacturing Engineering (power train & fascia injection molding), Body Engineering, and Product Quality Engineering.

He teaches courses in Quality (Six Sigma), Productivity Strategies (Lean Manufacturing), Engineering Economy, Operations Management, Plant Layout & Material Handling, Maintenance Management, and manufacturing automation systems; and, is a consultant for MTSU in facilities maintenance. His professional organizations include Society of Manufacturing Engineering (Senior Member), National and Tennessee Society of Professional Engineers.  He has served as Vice-President of the Rutherford County Chamber of Commerce and as a member of the TSU Engineering Advisory Committee; and, currently serves on the Smyrna Town revitilization committee.

Dr. BoraikoIf Dr. Gore is unavailable Dr. Boraiko will be the contact person for all Engineering Management students.
Carol Boraiko
207 EW Midggett Building
MTSU Box 19



Elizabeth Lamb Executive Aide
Elizabeth M. Lamb (B.S. Middle Tennessee State University) 
1024 Science Building 
MTSU Box 83
Murfreesboro, TN 37132

Elizabeth Lamb serves as Executive Aide for the MS-PS program as well as the Dean of the College of Basic and Applied Sciences and Ph.D. programs in Computational Science, Mathematics and Science Education and Molecular Biosciences. She is responsible for assisting with the coordination and planning of special events and projects including the MSPS internship presentations, budgets, web pages, assisting students with application and registration processes, purchasing and maintaining student files.

Professional Background:
Ms. Lamb began working at Middle Tennessee State University in 2007. She received her B.S. in Mass Communications in 1994 from MTSU. Professionally, Ms. Lamb has worked on proposal teams for various defense contractors and performed communications support at the University of the South in Sewanee. Before coming to CBAS, she served as secretary in the Department of Engineering Technology, during which time she earned her Certified Professional Secretary rating (2009) and was recognized as "Making a Difference in the Lives of Students"; (2008).

For additional information regarding the MS-PS program, please contact the MS-PS department at:

Office: 1024 Science Building
Phone: (615) 494-7618
Mail: MTSU Box 83
Murfreesboro, TN 37132