MTSU Cheerleading

Cheer Team Tryout Requirements

Cheering at game Requirements for Cheer Squad Tryouts

Female Requirements

Coed Stunts:
Toss extension
Toss liberty
Toss stretch/full down/double down
Optional stunt

Group Stunt:
Body Position Full/Double down
Optional Stunt

Standing tuck
Jumps to tuck
Jumps to backhandspring tuck
Layout and/or full to tumbling requirements
Optional running tumbling skill

Male Requirements

Toss extension
Toss liberty
Cheering at game Toss stretch/full down/double down
Standing tuck and optional tumbling skill
Optional stunt

These are the minimum requirements; however, the MTSU Coach reserves the right to request any additional skill. While many athletes may be able to demonstrate these skills, the MTSU Coach is looking for perfection in execution and potential.

Items Needed to Tryout:


Video Tryouts

Video tryouts are accepted. Please send the following to the address above if trying out by video:

  • Video -  segment should include:
    • Tumbling (standing, running)
    • Jumps
    • Jumps to tumbling
    • Coed stunting (toss stunts, best possible) or Group Stunts
    • Body positions in air (stretch, scale, scorpion, etc.)
  • Stunts for video must be performed on hard foam (not spring floor).
  • A picture>
  • $20 tryout fee
  • Tryout Application

Mail application & fee to:

MTSU Spirit Program
Attn: Doug Daigle
Middle Tennessee State University
Campus Recreation Center
PO Box 556
Murfreesboro, TN 37132

More Information
Contact the Spirit Office at 615.494.8907 or for more information.