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There is no career more rewarding than teaching. There is a critical shortage of math and science teachers across the United States, so your daughter or son should have no trouble finding a position. There are federal, state and university scholarship opportunities for students intending to teach, especially those in shortage areas and those interested in teaching in a high needs area. Salaries for beginning teachers are competitive with other entry-level positions, but the impact an excellent teacher makes on his or her students is priceless.

Teacher Salary Schedules for Local School Districts:

Rutherford County Schools currently offers a signing bonus for teachers of mathematics, physics or chemistry.  Click here for more information!

Dr. Amy Phelps, Co-Director
Department of Chemistry,
College of Basic and Applied Sciences

Dr. Charles Milligan, Co-Director
Department of Educational Leadership,
College of Education

Leigh Gostowski, Program Coordinator

Robin Bollman, Master Teacher

Mark LaPorte, Master Teacher

Sally Millsap, Master Teacher

Stephanie Steiner, Administrative Assistant

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