MT Engage Scholarship

Scholarship Awards

MT Engage will award up to 15 scholarships valued at $6000 (not to exceed COA) each year.  Two scholarships will be awarded in each academic college and one overall winner will be chosen.  Scholarships will be paid at the rate of $1500 per semester for four semesters.

Scholarship Requirements

To apply for the MT Engage scholarship you must:
  • Have successfully completed 2 or more MT Engage course sections
  • Have attended one approved ePortfolio training or workshop
  • Have a minimum GPA of 2.75 
  • Have completed your 60th hour in Fall 2017 or are completing your 60th hour in Spring 2018
  • Are currently enrolled as a student at MTSU with good academic standing

How to Apply

To apply for the MT Engage scholarship, you must create and submit an ePortfolio using the MT Engage template along with a completed application.

<<The application link will be posted here on January 15, 2018.>>


 ePortfolio Procedures

The ePortfolio must follow the guidelines as stated in the MT Engage ePortfolio template.  Detailed instructions are provided in the links below.

ePortfolio presentations will be assessed according to the MT Engage ePortfolio Rubric for Evaluating Integrative Thinking and Reflection.

Training and Workshops

Students must complete one approved training session or attend one workshop prior to applying for the scholarship.  Training information can be found here.

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