Member Awards

Established in 2013, MT Lambda annually recognizes four members for their outstanding works in the organization. Awardees are selected by the Officers at the end of each academic year. To be eligible for awards, Awardees must remain true to the constitution and MT Lambda Community Standards throughout the entire academic year. The awards are as follows:

Dedicated Member Award: awarded to the member with the most points at the end of the Spring Semester.

Lambda Activist Award: awarded to the member who has worked with the Officers to ensure the success of events throughout the entire academic year, and has shown the most initiative to become a future leader in the organization. Points are not considered when choosing the recipient of this award.

Silent Member Award: This award will be presented to a member who has consistently attended Lambda events, helped out with tables, etc. They should be someone whom the officers feel has been active & involved but is a "silent" member of the organization.

SpringOut! StepUp! Award: This award will be presented to a member whom the officers feel helped out at numerous events during SpringOut! This doesn't necessarily mean the person who earned the most points during SpringOut! but someone who helped set up for events, showed up early to help out or stayed late to help take down, etc.


2014-2015 Awardees

Dedicated Member Award:
Lambda Activist Award:
Silent Member Award:
SpringOut! StepUp! Award:



2013-2014 Awardees

Dedicated Member Award: Elizabeth Villasana
Lambda Activist Award: Michael Raymond
Silent Member Award: Morgan Hunley
SpringOut! StepUp! Award: Alyssa Hutchison


2012-2013 Awardees

Dedicated Member Award: Myka Boyd
Lambda Activist Award: Bryan Breeze
Silent Member Award: Hannah Todd
SpringOut! StepUp! Award: Michael Lee


Lambda hosts weekly meetings and membership is open to all currently enrolled MTSU students who act in good faith of Lambda's Constitution and Community Standards. Membership dues are announced at the beginning of each academic year and can be paid at any time.