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Who Are We?

MT Lambda is MTSU's only All-Inclusive LGBT+ assosiation. Founded in 1988, Lambda is student ran and strives to provide a safe and secure environment where anyone can express themselves and who they are without fear of criticism, discrimination, or judgment. Lambda is here as a support group for anyone who needs it, with a special emphasis on the LGBT+ and LGBT+ allied community. In Lambda's mission to provide a safe and secure community for LGBT+ and Allied individuals, we host weekly meetings and put on events throughout the year. The organization is supported by four fundamental pillars. Social, Political, Educational, & Community. These are the pillars that everything Lambda does is built upon.

Lambda is, in part, a Political organization that works towards social equality for all individuals regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. Political means different things to different individuals and organizations. Lambda works towards being active in our government, raising awareness of issues that are pertinent to the LGBT+ community, as well as supporting and educating its members about any organizations or persons who fight for social equality for all. Lambda chooses a LGBT+ focused charity to donate to annually.

Lambda provides Educational programming about and for the LGBT+ community. Officers are available to speak to classes on LGBT+ topics, and we also offer access to free STD & HIV testing and education. Lambda also strives to educate its members about the history of the LGBT+ community.

Lambda provides access to a stable and supportive Community of LGBT+ and LGBT+ allied individuals. This community acts as a support group, social outlet, and to introduce its members to others like themselves. In short, Lambda strives to be any form of community that it's members need it to be. Lambda also fully supports any other organizations both on and off campus that are supportive of the LGBT+ community.

Lambda provides a Social outlet for its members where in they are encouraged to make friends and build relationships. Social events such as dinners, movies, etc. allow for its members to form a "home away from home" with others like themselves.

What Does Lambda Do?

In Lambda's mission to provide a safe and secure community for LGBT+ and allied individuals, we host weekly meetings and put on events throughout the year. During the fall semester Lambda hosts a variety of events as part of LGBT+ History Month at MTSU. During the spring semester Lambda host's a week-long event known as 'Spring Out' which serves as a "Mini Gay Pride" on campus. Lambda also takes part in various LGBT+ related National Holidays such as Transgender Awareness Day & National Day of Silence.

Why support Lambda?

Lambda is an organization that brings together people who would otherwise never socialize with each other and is considered one of the most diverse groups on campus. Our members are very active in our community both on and off campus and work towards achieving gender and social equality for all. Supporting your local LGBT+ community is vital if we hope to achieve equal rights. By supporting Lambda you're helping to support the local LGBT+ community within the Nashville area and helping Lambda do its part in the fight for LGBT+ rights.

Lambda hosts weekly meetings and membership is open to all currently enrolled MTSU students who act in good faith of Lambda's Constitution and Community Standards. Membership dues are announced at the beginning of each academic year, but are not required to attend weekly meetings or events.

Lambda has an office in the Student Union Building within the office for Student Organizations. STU Room 320G.

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