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Leader Lessons

Leader Lessons is a year-long series of leadership emails, discussions and
sessions that will allow MTSU students to enhance their leadership
knowledge and skills. A new topic is published twice a month through email and the website.

2010-2011 Leader Lessons

Being Inclusive
This is the time of year when recruiting new members is at an all time high. In an effort to be welcoming to all members of your campus community, think about how you can be more inclusive and be aware of the language you and your peers are using.

Remembering the "Student" in Student Leader!
It's the start of the academic year and you are ready to reunity with friends, meet new people, hold your first group meeting, ready your organizational office or plan the first retreat. Student organization life is exciting, educational and fun, but it is important to remember that in order to be a student leader on campus you must first be a STUDENT!

Celebrate Differences
In light of the recent attention being given to the anti-gay bullying movement following a number of recent gay youth suicides, it seems a good time to ask ourselves how we can best celebrate and support the differences that surround us on campus.

What Kind of Leader Will You Be?
Leadership is not about position, it is about purpose. So, whether you are chairing a committee, serving as an officer, being an activemember of an organizationor volunteering for a special project, you can be a leader and lead!

Embracing Change
Routine can be comforting and familiar yet it can also become boring and feel rigid. The Thought of change can be intimidating yet it can also elicit excitement and foster growth in your group or organization.

Feeling Sleepy?
Routine The days are getting shorter, and fall can bring some cold, blustery, gray weather that can make anyone feel like a nap is in order. However, for most college students feeling sleepy just seems to come with the territory.

Be A Faith Leaper
What have you always wanted to do, but a fear got in the way? Or maybe it was not fear that stopped you. Maybe it was one or a combination of these: a sense of guilt, an avoidance of conflict, a need for perfection or other emotions that can stifle your ability to just get out there and do it!

Taking on the Tough Questions
Today is election day in the U.S. and many politicians across the country have taken on some tough questions the past few weeks, months, even years. Few people enjoy getting a TOUGH question, but public leaders can be sure that they will continue to come and are encouraged to answer all questions with honesty and integrity.

Super Teamwork
Teamwork is evolutionary. Evolving goals, members coming and going, changes in leadership and unexpected road bumps along the way. So much can influence the effectiveness of a team. However, there are some things that teams can do to lay the groundwork for success.

The Procrastination Problem
As a leader, you've probably already noticed that some students are procrastinators. You may even be one yourself! But how do you know when procrastination has become a real problem?