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What is MTMail?
MTMail is a new e-mail system for students of Middle Tennessee State University. It is a partnership between the university and Microsoft, using Windows Live.

What is the process to activate my account?
Once you receive notice that your Email account has been created, you need to do the following

  1. Go the Password Recovery Tool to set your password – Make sure you have registered a personal email in PipelineMT.
  2. On the Manage Your Username and Password page, check the box for MTMail, and leave the Pipeline box checked if you want it to be the same password. 
  3. Wait 15 minutes after you have changed your password.
  4. Log in to MTMail (Office 365).

Major Changes with Office 365

  • The Login Page is changing! Access your email and other Office 365 resources at or
  • After the upgrade, you will have two accounts — your MTMail/Office 365 account and your personal Microsoft account.
  • Active student's passwords will need to be changed prior to logging in after the upgrade.
  • Alumni and all others passwords will remain the same as in Live@edu
  • You will have a larger 25 Gigabyte mailbox.
  • More functionality coming soon 

What do I do after the upgrade? (Active students who have enrolled in classes in the last year – Summer 2012 - present)
You need to do the following before logging into your MTMail account:

  1. Make sure that you have registered a secondary email address in PipelineMT for password recovery
  2. Go to the Online Password Recovery Tool and follow the steps to change your password
  3. Go to MTMail and log in with your full email address and the password you just created.

What do I do after the upgrade? (MTMail users who have not been enrolled in classes in the last year, Alumni, Staff, Faculty, and Class Accounts)

  • Go to MTMail and log in with your full email address and the same password you used for Live@edu


How do I know if I am an active student?
For the purposes of MTMail, “Active” students are students who have registered for at least one class within the last year, beginning with Summer 2012 terms.  Active students are the only ones who must change their password before logging into MTMail.  All other MTMail users will use the same credentials as they did for Live@edu. 

 What do I need to know about the upgrade to Office 365?

  • The migration to Office 365 began on Friday July 26
  • Web Access to your email will be at
  • After the upgrade, all users will have two accounts – their MTMail account, which is managed by the University; and their personal Microsoft consumer account, which is managed by Microsoft and provides access to Microsoft’s consumer services, such as SkyDrive. After the upgrade the two accounts will NOT be synced. So if you make a password change to one account, it won’t change the other account’s password.
  • After the upgrade, if you are an active student, your MTMail password will be reset and must be changed when you login. If you have not been registered in the last year, your password will remain the same.
  • Users will not notice a significant change in features. However, the upgrade does include the expansion of mailbox storage from 10GB in Live@edu to 25GB in Office 365
  • There is no co-branding in Office 365, so you won’t see the MTSU logo in the web interface
  • You should make sure that you have registered a secondary email address in PipelineMT
  • Office 2003 and Internet Explorer 7 will not be supported by Office 365.

Why do I have 2 accounts?
Microsoft has separated Office 365 from other services such as the Skydrive. You now have two accounts, one for Office 365 (email, calendar, contacts, document sharing through Sharepoint) and is managed by the University, and one that is now your own personal account that gives you access to your SkyDrive content and other Microsoft services, such as Skype. 

How do I get to my personal Skydrive account?
Sign in to your personal Microsoft account at using the same username and password that you used with your existing Live@edu (MTMail) account  prior to the migration (this password is not affected by the password change you make on July 29 and these passwords do not sync). This is now your personal Microsoft consumer account that is administered by Microsoft and not MTSU. You can change the password on your personal consumer account whenever you want to. This account give you access to your SkyDrive content and other Microsoft services, such as Skype. 

What if I have my MTMail account on my mobile phone or tablet?
For active students who will be changing their passwords, we recommend that those using mobile devices or connected by an email client should turn off their account or remove the password in order to not lock themselves out of their account when they change the password.   All other MTMail users should not be affected. 

Do I have to use MTMail? 
No. However, all official university email will be sent to your MTMail account. If you choose to use a different email system, you will need to set up forwarding from your MTMail account.

How do I sign in? 
Students can sign-in by clicking the MTSU Email link on the home page and then clicking on the MTMAIL icon or go straight to You will be redirected to a Microsoft Office 365 Outlook page for sign-in. Enter your full email address: and your password.  If you do not know the password, please go the Password Recovery Tool to set or change your password – Make sure you have registered a personal email in PipelineMT.

Why am I redirected to a login site at 
MTMail is a service provided by Microsoft. If you type into your web browser, it will redirect you to the Office 365 login page -- this is the login page for MTMail.

Who is eligible for MTMail? 
All currently enrolled students of Middle Tennessee State University, as well as alumni from Fall 2005 and forward.

Can I keep this account after I leave MTSU?
If you graduate from the university, you may keep your MTMail account. If you leave the University for another reason, your access will be terminated in about a year.

Why does MTSU use Microsoft for email?
The partnership with Microsoft allows us to offer enhanced e-mail services to students, including greatly increased storage capacity, without cost to the university or our students.

What's the benefit to Microsoft?

  • Significantly increased e-mail storage (25GB)
  • Calendar feature for personal, academic and student involvement use (record appointments, share calendars, schedule meetings)
  • Recognition and credibility of the address - particularly valuable in conducting official university business or communicating with professors who may not recognize non-MTSU addresses
  • Ability to synchronize contacts and calendars with Mobile phones
  • Anti-Spam and virus protection

What does this cost me? 
MTMail is a free service to students.

Why did MTSU switch from Microsoft’s Live@edu service to Office 365?
Microsoft is requiring all of its higher education institutions to upgrade from Live@edu to Office 365 by September 2013. Office 365 offers integrated, cloud-based productivity and collaboration tools.

What's the benefit to Microsoft? 
Microsoft hopes that the positive experience you have with MTMail will result in your continued use of their services after you graduate.