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About the Clayton L. James Union Building

In recognition of his forty-eight years of service to education in Tennessee. Thirty - six years of his distinguished career as an educator were devoted to this institution where he, for a six-year period, served as the first Dean of Students and for the remainder of his tenure as a scholarly and innovative classroom teacher. Although superbly proficient in all of the social science disciplines, his most enduring and endearing fame came as a matchless preceptor in Sociology. His artistry in teaching, compassion, and humanity left an incredible imprint on literally hundreds of University students.


  • JUB Scheduling Service/Space Reservations
    Located on the 2nd floor next to the Hazlewood Dining Hall. The JUB Event Coordinator can assist you in planning your event in the JUB, from start to finish, whether its a meeting, luncheon, banquet, dance, concert or a full conference. Let our experienced staff help make your event a successful one!
  • BlueID Office
    Every student and employee is issued an ID. This card serves numerous purposes from identification to meal plan card to library card to debit card. The BlueID office is located in room 306 of the JUB. The office is open from 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.



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The James Union Building houses a wide variety of offices and facilities. These include the Scheduling Center, RaiderZone Restaurant, the Faculty Senate Office, Student ID Office, the Philosophy Department, the Women's Studies Department, classrooms and academic offices.