How to Reserve Space in Student Union Facilities

All reservations and events must adhere to MTSU's Use of Campus Property and Facilities Scheduling Policy, found here.

Instructions and guidelines to request space on MTSU campus

  1. Check WebViewer for appropriate facility and/or available space. For instructions on how to navigate WebViewer click here.
  2. Complete and print Application for Use of Facilities form. Hard copy must be submitted with original signatures:
    1. Students-advisor & student organization signatures
    2. Faculty/Staff-department budget head signature
  3. All paperwork (forms, contracts, insurance information, etc.) must be approved, finalized and received by the venue event coordinator at least 5 business days (Mon.-Fri.) prior to the event or meeting. For larger events please submit paper work at least 2 weeks in advance.
  4. See our Student Event Planning web site or Event Coordination's event check list for additional services.