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MTSU School of Music Faculty

The MTSU School of Music has 34 full-time faculty members and 34 adjunct faculty members. Visit the links below to search by field of study or by name to see a picture and read a bio on each faculty member.
Stephen Smith
Alphabetical Listing by Last Name

Dr. Michael Parkinson, director

Paul Abrams, jazz guitar
Rich Adams, jazz/musicology
Don Aliquo, saxophone/jazz studies
David Amlung, trumpet
Sandra Arndt, class piano/accomp.
Dr. Michael Arndt, trumpet
Dr. Christopher Baumgartner, music ed./band
Paula Bell, class piano
Dr. Raphael Bundage, choral 
Dina Cancryn, voice
Dr. Nigel Clarke, visiting composer, MTSU Bands
Pat Coil, jazz piano
Craig Cornish, marching band
Lalo Davila, percussion
Dr. Andrea Dawson, violin
Angela DeBoer, horn
Dr. Cedric Dent, musicology/theory
Jessica Dunnavant, flute, gen. music ed.
Jim Ferguson, jazz bass/jazz voice
Henry C. Haffner, viola
Dr. Christine Isley-Farmer, voice
Dr. Christine Kim, cello
Ashley Kimbrough, jazz voice
Dr. Spencer Lambright, theory/composition 
Dr. Tonya Lawson, clarinet/general studies 
Dr. Michael Linton, theory/composition
Dr. Deanna Little, flute
Dr. David Loucky, trombone/euphonium

Matt Lund, Jazz Guitar, Intro to Music 
Dr. Jamila McWhirter, choral/music ed.
Dr. Ben Miles, tuba

Veronica Edwards Milnar, class piano
Dr. Felicia Miyakawa, musicology
Rick Mraz, saxophone
Dr. Arunesh Nadgir, piano
Dr. Carol Nies, orchestra
Dr. Paul Osterfield, theory/composition
Tim Pearson, bass
Gil Perel, bassoon
Derrek Phillips, jazz drumset
Dewayne Pigg, general music
Christine Poythress, musicology
Dr. Lynn Rice-See, piano
Laura Ann Ross, oboe 
David See, accompanying
Dr. Stephen Shearon, musicology
Jamey Simmons, jazz trumpet/jazz studies
H. Stephen Smith, voice
Dr. Reed Thomas, bands
Angela Tipps, organ
Dr. Paula Van Goes, saxophone
Dr. Jennifer Vannatta-Hall, music education
Dr. Todd Waldecker, clarinet
Christa Williams, class piano
Jonathan Wires, jazz bass/general music/jazz comobs
Dr. William Yelverton, guitar