Nasa Focus Lab

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Please click on a name to access the biographical information of each NASA FOCUS Lab team member (as available) as seen on the websites for the Aerospace and Psychology Departments.


Dr. Paul A. Craig                                                                      Andrea Georgiou

Aerospace Faculty / Principal Investigator                           Aerospace Faculty / Researcher

Contact:                                                                                         Contact: 
   Email:                                                                   Email:
   Phone: (615) 494-8637                                                                    Phone: (615) 904-8495
   Fax: (615) 898-8273                                                                        Office Location: BAS S244
   Office Location: BAS S242


Gerald L. Hill                                                                            Dr. Michael Hein

Aerospace Faculty / Researcher                                             Psychology Faculty / Researcher

Contact:                                                                                          Contact: 
   Email:                                                                      Email:
   Phone: (615) 898-2554                                                                     Phone: (615) 898-2127
   Fax: (615) 904-8273                                                                         Office: Jones Hall 323
   Office Location: BAS S252


Dr. Richard G. Moffett III                                                         Dr. Glenn E. Littlepage

Psychology Faculty / Researcher                                             Psychology Faculty / Researcher

Contact:                                                                                           Contact:
    Email:                                                            Email:
    Phone: (615) 898-2686                                                                     Phone: (615) 898-2735
    Office: Jones Hall 324                                                                        Office: Jones Hall 203


Paul Carlson                                                                             Evan Lester

Aerospace Graduate Student / Researcher                            Manager / Aerospace Undergraduate Student / Researcher

Contact:                                                                                     Contact: 
    Email:                                                    Email:


Durant Bridges                                                                         Jessie McClure

Researcher                                                                               Psychology Undergraduate Student / Researcher

Contact:                                                                                     Contact:
    Email:                                                            Email:


Darrius Thompson                                                                  Cody Evans

Aerospace Graduate Student / Researcher                           Aerospace Graduate / Researcher

Contact:                                                                                     Contact:
    Email:                                                  Email:


Adam Teg                                                                                  Hayley Calarco

CRJ Instructor                                                                           Psychology Graduate Student / Researcher

Contact:                                                                                       Contact:
    Email:                                                         Email:


Bryan Alder                                                                                Chip Shriver

CRJ Instructor                                                                            Aerospace Graduate Student / Researcher

Contact:                                                                                       Contact:
    Email:                                                     Email:


Pamela Nucifore                                                                         Morgan Pearn

CRJ Instructor                                                                            Psychology Graduate Student / Researcher

Contact:                                                                                         Contact:
    Email:                                                      Email:


Collin McDonald                                                                          Andrea Meggison        

Aerospace Undergraduate Student / Researcher                     Psychology Undergraduate Student / Researcher        

Contact:                                                                                          Contact:              
    Email:                                                    Email:


Amanda Beaufore                                                                       Kevin Kidder

Psychology Graduate Student / Researcher                             Psychology Graduate Student / Researcher

Contact:                                                                                          Contact:
    Email:                                                     Email: