Nasa Focus Lab


Through the collaboration of the NASA FOCUS Lab team, the team members present their research to various airlines, conventions, and meetings, including United Airlines, the International Symposium on Aviation Psychology (ISAP), and the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology. The presentations that have been given by the NASA FOCUS Lab team are listed below. To access the presentations, please click on the links in the citations below (if available).



     Carlson, P. & Georgiou, A. (February, 2013). Assessments and culminating experiences. Presentation at the Aviation Accrediation Board International Institutional Workshop, Murfreesboro, TN.

     Fritsch, A., & Ivakh, A. (March, 2013). Individual performance in airline simulations. Presentation at Middle Tennessee State University's Scholars Week, Murfreesboro, TN.  

     Georgiou, A., Craig, P., Littlepage, G., Moffett, R., Hein, M., Hill, G., Hunt, T., Bridges, D., Carlson, P., Sanders, E., Ivakh, A., Cooper, J., Waite, L., Corbett, C., Amankwah, J., & Rice, A. (2013, April). High fidelity simulation and aviation training to improve problem solving skills and coordination. Symposium at the annual International Symposium on Aviation Psychology, Dayton,OH.



     Littlepage, G. E., Craig, P. A., Hein, M. B., Moffett, R. G., Georgiou, A. M., & Carlson, P. R. (2012). Training to enhance multiteam coordination in the airline industry. Symposium session presented at annual conference of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology. San Diego, Ca.

     Sanders, E.K., Littlepage, G., & Hein, M. (2012, October). Using Social Network Analysis to Measure Shared Mental Models. Presentation presented at the 8th annual River Cities I-O Conference, Chattanooga, TN.



      Craig, P., Moffett, R., Littlepage, G., Hein, M., Georgiou, A., Hill, G., Henslee, J., Carlson, P., Cole, N., Cooper, J., Bridges, D., Amankwah, J., Tipton, D., & Waid, A. (2011). High-fidelity simulation and training to improve coordination among aerospace specializations. Symposium presentation at the international conference on aviation psychology, Dayton, OH.

      Moffett, R.G., Hein, M.B., Littlepage, G.L. (2011) Using a measure of occupational stereotype to assess ingroup-outgroup bias among aerospace specializations, Symposium presentation at the international conference on aviation psychology, Dayton, OH.