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2011 Deadlines

Want to make sure your event information gets noticed in the MTSU community? Send it to The Record at least three weeks before the date of the event to ensure good publicity! Bookmark this page or print out the 2011 deadline list below so you'll know the latest date that your information should be submitted for publication in the appropriate edition of The Record.

Other Record submission suggestions:

  • If your event will have special speakers or is co-sponsored by a particular organization, we can always use head-and-shoulders photographs of those speakers or other central participants, especially if they (or you) are quoted somewhere in the event's publicity. Organizational logos also are welcome. Head-and-shoulders photographs that have not been made by the university's Photographic Services department must be a minimum 2"; by 3"; in sharp focus. (No "glamour shots";-type photos, if possible.) We prefer color photos but can use black-and-white. If the photos are digital, they also must be a minimum 2"; by 3"; and a minimum 200 ppi (pixels per inch) resolution to meet our printing standards. Logos and graphics should be at least 2"; by 3"; and have a 300-ppi minimum digital resolution to ensure clarity.
  • We welcome "For The Record"; columns on the topic of your special event to help readers get an insider's view on the subject. They should be a maximum of 500 words long and will include your official university head-and-shoulders photo, so if you haven't been photographed by Photo Services in the last five years, make an appointment for a fresh photo soon. (We can't run a column without a recent photo.)
  • If possible, please submit your information, articles or columns to us by a minimum of three weeks before the event, in electronic format. (That means you can include your information within the text of an e-mail or, if you prefer, in a separate Word attachment.) Early submissions allow us not only to meet our printing deadlines but to ensure that we can plan for and obtain any accompanying artwork, photographs, additional facts and quotes, etc. The earlier we receive your news, the earlier we can publicize it — and the more likely we can give it good "play"; in The Record.

You can send event information for The Record to anytime. If you have questions, call me at 615-898-5385 or e-mail me! I welcome your help in getting you noticed by the MTSU community and beyond in The Record!

Best wishes,

Gina E. Fann :o)

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