A Message from the Director

Welcome to the MTSU News and Media Relations website. Please click the "Meet the Staff" button to your left, and you'll meet the professionals in the office who work hard to showcase our fine students, faculty and staff. If you browse our site, you'll discover a wealth of vital information. First is The Record, the biweekly official publication of the university. Past issues are archived and easily accessible. The Alumni Record is a quarterly publication and also is archived on our site.

Continue to browse and you'll find information on commencement, emergency-notification and safety issues and weather alerts, as well as other areas. We maintain a listing of faculty experts along with MTSU's Twitter account. On the right side of the page, there are numerous communication vehicles that help tell the MTSU story. You may access our news stories, our video-clip archives, the new "Out of the Blue" TV magazine available on YouTube and our podcast library.

We consider our site a one-stop shop for information about MTSU. Everything we do in this office—whether print, radio, TV, podcasts, Twitter or web-exclusive—is to raise the profile of MTSU, hold up the expertise and accomplishments of our faculty and, most importantly, put our students at center stage. We help people Get Noticed! We encourage our faculty, staff and students to be positive voices and faces of MTSU. As a department—and as a university—we're not afraid of heights … we reach new ones every day!

-- Tom Tozer