School of Nursing

Debra Wilson

Debra Rose Wilson, PhD, RN, IBCLC, AHN-BC, CHT

Office: CKNB 236
Phone: 898-5841

Educational Preparation:
Ph.D. Walden University
MSN Tennessee State University
BSN Nursing First Class Standing Lakehead University – Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
BA Psychology Lakehead University – Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

Academic/Clinical Preparation:
Health Psychology
Holistic Nursing

Course and Area of Responsibility:
Mental Health
Theoretical Foundations
Advanced Role Development

Research Interests:
Stress and health
Stress management
Women’s health
Adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse
Complementary and Alternative Therapies
Tibetan Medicine

Publications (selected):

Wilson, D. R. & Ward, K. (2013). Psych Pharm: An interactive learning tool. Nursing Education Perspectives, 34(1), 57-58. Journal impact factor 1.025, ranked 44 out of the 88 nursing (science) journals. (doi: 10.5480/1536-5026-34.1.57)

Wilson, D. R., Cooper, C., Plunk, K., & Severson, M. (2012). Overcoming breastfeeding challenges.Clinical Lactation: Official Journal of the United States Lactation Consultant Association, 3(4), 155-160.   

Wilson, D. R. & Severson, M. (2012). The long-term health consequences of being sexually abused as a child. American Nurse Today, 7(10).  

Wilson, D. R. & Dillard, D. M. (2012). Use of hypnosis in the childbearing year. International Journal of Childbirth Education, 27(3), 31- 36. Dana Dillard is a Walden graduate student, School of Psychology.  

Wilson, D. R., Vidal, B., Wilson, W. A., & Salyer, S. (2012). Overcoming Consequences of Childhood Sexual Abuse with Stress Management. Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing, 19(7), 587-593.  doi: 10.1111/j.1365-2850.2011.01813.x     

Wilson, D. R. (2012). Birthing Traditions in Tibetan Culture. International Journal of Childbirth Education, 27(1), 33-38.

Wilson, D. R. (2010). Health Consequences of Childhood Sexual Abuse. Perspectives in Psychiatric Care, 46(1), 56-64. DOI: 10.1177/0123456789123456

Wilson, D. R. (2010). Stress Management for Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse: A Holistic Inquiry. Western Journal of Nursing Research, 32(1), 103-127. doi:10.1177/0193945909343703.   


International Journal of Childbirth Education