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      The School of Nursing is no longer admitting students to the "RN to BSN" option


Admission Requirements for the RN-BSN program

Important! You must read (this document describes the admission requirements for the School of Nursing in detail):

Admission Requirements

Important Admission Criteria for RNs
(please refer to above document for complete list of admission criteria):

  • Minimum 3.0 Inclusive GPA (2.8 if applying for Fall 2016).
  • Proof of RN license.
  • No "C-","D", or "F" grade in previous upper-division nursing courses.
  • Completion of all required general education courses with a "C" grade or better (please consult the academic advisor).


Application Information

Applying to the MTSU School of Nursing RN-BSN Program


Step 1

Apply for admission to Middle Tennessee State University as a transfer student. Visit the Transfer Students Admission and Application webpage for more information.

Step 2

Apply to the School of Nursing.

You will need to submit the following items:

  • RN to BSN Application.
  • Copy of current RN License.
  • If you are taking general education or pre-requisite courses at another school at the time that you apply:  Submit an official copy of your transcript which includes your current class schedule.

Mail items to:

Middle Tennessee State University
1301 East Main Street, Box 537
Attn: RN-BSN Program
Murfreesboro, TN 37132

Or, fax items to (615) 898-5441 - Attn: RN-BSN Program

RN-BSN Admitted Student Procedure

Step 1

Schedule an appointment with an Academic Advisor to review transcripts and develop a play of study.  Click the blue button below and sign up!  Be sure to finalize the appointment.

Schedule Advising Appointment

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Deadlines to apply to the Upper-division RN to BSN program are:

April 1st for Fall Term
October 1st for Spring Term
Students will be contacted following the committee evaluation of all applications.

All nursing courses are restricted by department and require permits before you may register for them.  You will not receive permits until you have successfully applied and been admitted to the program, and have submitted all required paperwork.  After you complete your advising appointment and any outstanding requirements, permits for your upcoming courses will be issued and you will be notified via your MTSU email account.  You should begin checking your MTSU email account on regular basis (at least once a week), if you are not already doing so. 

Step 2

Register for courses. Check the MTSU Bursar's Office site to determine fee payment deadlines and pay fees.

Step 3

Log into the Desire to Learn (D2L system) to view course syllabus and upcoming assignments for online courses when available (should be available starting on the first day of class).

Progression Standards

The current RN-BSN progression standards are reviewed in the "Admissions Requirements" document.

Important information for students receiving financial aid!

All RN-BSN students receive 43 hours of Advanced Standing Credit during their last semester to satisfy nursing requirements.  Students are eligible to receive federal funding for up to 150 percent of a program's published length (i.e. for a 120 hour program, the maximum attempted hours is 180).  RN-BSN students who are transferring credit from another university and plan to receive financial aid should contact the MT One Stop at MTOneStop@mtsu.edu or 615-898-2111.

Curriculum Schedule for Registered Nurses

Students holding the RN license must meet all general studies requirements.  Transcripts will be evaluated on an individual basis to determine what each student needs for graduation from the program.  A nursing advisor will assist in determining a program of study for each student.  The RN to BSN program may be completed in three (3) full-time semesters if all general studies courses are completed prior to admission.

All nursing coursework, excluding clinical courses, may be taken online.  Clinical experiences are arranged on an individual basis.  Every effort is made to arrange a clinical experience in the students home area.  The MTSU School of Nursing makes every effort to offer courses online during semesters of highest demand.

While we recommend at least one initial in-person advising appointment, you will not be required to come to campus at any time in order to complete the RN to BSN program.

RNs interested in further information should email Nursinginfo@mtsu.edu



updated 2/28/17

Welcome new students, returning students, faculty, and staff!


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