Finding the Right Place to Live


Types of Housing

Off-Campus Housing

There are many types of rental units available in the Murfreesboro area. Choose the one you feel is suitable for you. Many students live in close proximity to campus in privately owned, non-affiliated apartments designed specifically to accommodate students. You lease one bedroom within a 2, 3, or 4 bedroom apartment with a common living area.

Others choose privately owned conventional apartments complexes that do not cater to students. These apartments require a signed rental agreement or lease for the entire apartment, not just one bedroom. Other available rental options are duplexes, single family homes, rooms or small apartments within a private home, hotels, condominiums, and rooming-houses.

For off-campus locations, check out the website at .

Housing for Married Students

MTSU offers a limited amount of one and two bedroom apartments for married students with children and/or spouses. Click here for more information about these apartments.

If you have more than one or two children, however, you should seek housing in one of the many local conventional apartments (lease required) where children and most pets are allowed. A special fee may be charged for the type/size of your pet. For off-campus locations, check out the website at .

Housing for Graduate Students

Graduate students receive preference in the Womack Lane apartments.

Some graduate students live in the privately owned non-affiliated apartments designed specifically to accommodate students. Other graduate students live off-campus in local rental units such as duplexes and conventional apartments. For off-campus locations, check out .

Housing for International Students

International students are encouraged to explore housing accommodation possibilities before arriving at MTSU. MTSU does not provide temporary housing or short-term housing. International students have many types of housing accommodations and arrangements to choose from such as: on-campus housing, off-campus privately owned non-affiliated housing, local off-campus apartment housing and family home rooming, when available.

If you plan to live off-campus, you must prove in advance that you have a means of paying your rent. Plan on signing a lease agreement for 7, 9 or 12 months depending on your needs and the type of housing accommodation you select.

To live on-campus you must request a housing application and sign a housing contract. Check out their website for more details about Womack Lane apartments. For off-campus locations, go to .

Housing for Students With Physical Disabilities

Most students with physical disabilities select the convenience of living on campus, but many of the privately owned, non-affiliated apartments catering to students have certain apartments that are accessible for students with disabilities. For off-campus locations, go to .