Making the Move

Packing & Moving

To help in the moving process, you will need to get some boxes, masking tape, permanent markers, paper (preferably old newspapers), a dolly (if needed), transportation (car, truck, van, etc.), and help from family and friends. Click here for a list of moving resources .

Here are some moving tips:

  • Visit local businesses to get everything you will need for your moving and packing.
  • Ask the on-duty store manager for "free"; boxes or purchase boxes at your local rental truck moving and storage places of business.
  • Check the "paper-only"; recycle bins at your apartment or school (ask before going into the bins) or save/collect old newspapers.
  • Convince your friends to come over to help you pack and move.
  • Try not to pack your things in trash bags, because someone might throw a bag away…thinking it was trash.
  • Avoid using string for securing boxes, use packing tape.
  • Pack items into categories. Avoid mix and match packing. Example: Kitchen-dishes and silverware should be packed into the same box.
  • When labeling your boxes, do not write on the tops of the boxes, write on the sides. If boxes are stacked, it's easier to identify what's what.
  • Pack your stereo or television last. You will want entertainment while you are packing.
  • Protect glassware and other breakables by wrapping them in several sheets of newspaper.
  • If your move is long distance, do not pack meats and other perishable goods.
  • Use a "dolly"; (hand-truck) for moving heavy item to avoid straining your back. You can rent a "dolly"; from your local rental truck moving and storage places of business.
  • Most importantly, pack all your valuables yourself, such as rings, watches, chains, cash, bank account information, important papers, medications, etc.
  • Do not forget to lock the outside entrance doors and windows to the residence as you are making your final departure from the premises. Never leave the residence unlocked.
  • When possible, it is wise to have the landlord present at the time of your final departure for three reasons: (1) final inspection (2) turn in the key (3) determine amount of deposit refund.