Now That You Have Moved Off-Campus

Being a Good Neighbor

Living off-campus requires you to become a good neighbor to those living in your apartment complex or near your rental property. Because you are a student, the university expects for you to conduct yourself in a manner that illustrates good citizenship at all times. Your behavior can become a direct reflection of the university itself and therefore, you need to practice being a good neighbor.

Neighbors do not have to be the "people who live next door."; They can include other entities such as single-family homes, hospitals, businesses, retirement homes, daycare centers, schools, churches, etc. If you crank your stereo volume to the max for all of the world to hear, you are assuming that everyone within earshot likes what they hear.

Noise is defined as any sound produced in such quantity and for such duration that it annoys, disturbs, or may injure a reasonable person of normal sensitivities.

Noise Control Ordinances provide that, adequate provision shall be made by a law for the abatement of excessive and unnecessary noise. So, before you go out and crank up your stereo volume for all of the world to hear, make sure you know and understand the local and state statute of the Noise Control Ordinance.

Tips to being a good neighbor:

  • Respect your neighbor.
  • Be polite to your neighbor.
  • Talk with your neighbor.
  • Join your neighborhood association.
  • Keep your noise down.
  • Entertain responsibly.
  • Obey your local noise control ordinance.