Now That You Have Moved Off-Campus

Landlord/Tenant Responsibilities

The Landlord must:

  • Keep your residence up to codes, i.e. health, building and housing.
  • Keep your residence structurally sound, i.e. windows, floors, walls, roof, etc.
  • Keep the plumbing in working condition.
  • Provide for the extermination of bugs, rats, etc.
  • Provide heating device and running water (hot and cold).
  • Provide smoke detection device.
  • Provide for removal of garbage from the premise.

NOTE: It is optional for the landlord to pay utilities, water, telephone bills, Internet, etc. However, these options must be stated clearly in the lease.

The Tenant must:

  • Keep the residence clean and comply with housing and health codes.
  • Keep the residence free of garbage by removing it from the unit.
  • Keep all plumbing and electrical components in good repair (by informing the landlord immediately of the need for repairs).
  • Keep from damaging or defacing the residence.
  • Keep the peace (do not disturb others).
  • Keep from abusing the residence in anyway.