Jarret Miller
Chapmansboro, TN

Hi, I'm Jarrett Miller, a freshman from Chapmansboro, and I'm one! I'm a member of the Clean Campus Crew.

The Middle Tennessee State University Clean Campus Crew is a group of students hired to help keep campus clean and free of unsightly trash and litter. As part of our scholarship packages, we are required to work on campus for five hours a week. I wanted a job with flexible hours that met my scholarship requirements, so this was perfect. Campus looks so good I thought why not help keep it that way. I hope to inspire other people to go along with this new program. If 23,000 students all did their part to keep campus clean, we would see a huge difference really quickly.

I'd like to inspire others to go along with the program. I plan to make my area look as good as I can during my bi-weekly rounds. I hope more students will take note and want to be part of the solution, not the problem. Together, we'll clean up campus one piece of trash at a time. And soon, we will have the best looking campus in the state of Tennessee.

I hope to see you out there! Join our efforts to help keep MTSU's campus clean. You can be one, too—an honorary member of the Clean Campus Crew!