Jeremy Poynter
Columbia, TN

Hi, I'm Jeremy Poynter and I'm one! I'm one of Tennessee's best and I want you to be one, too!

Middle Tennessee State University was actually not my first choice. I am from Columbia, Tennessee which is a very small town. I have two older brothers and I did not necessarily want to follow in their footsteps. But after looking at and applying to 10 schools and being accepted to them all, I decided that MTSU was really a great fit for me. The business program is wonderful, the people on campus are great, it is close to home, but still far enough away that I truly feel as if I am on my own. I love my family, but I really did want to get the true college experience. And I am glad I chose MTSU. It gives back as much as I put in and I am having a fun four years.

I am majoring in Finance here, with a minor in Business Administration. I would like to go into corporate or entertainment law, so I am looking beyond my years at MTSU and trying to decide what path to take. I will need to apply to law schools in the next year or two so I am starting my research now.

My first year on campus, I lived in Monohan Hall. Cumming was closed and Corlew was not yet renovated, so I really had one of the premium residence halls as a freshman. It was a wonderful experience to live in Monohan. I met a lot of great people. I was always in touch with what was going on campus and having a meal plan was awesome. I never had to worry about shopping or cooking.

When I first came to campus, I didn't necessarily think campus was that huge, but it was a bit overwhelming. People were going in all different directions and Peck Hall never ceased to confuse me. I got lost in there more than once! The first week, it was all about trying to find the right building on campus and get to class on time. Now, I could give a campus tour in my sleep. It seems as if I know every inch of campus now.

I had been very involved in high school, but wanted to concentrate on my studies first until I got used to the college workload. I took that first semester off from being involved, but I was extremely bored. My classes have not suffered at all and I am now a part of Alpha Kappa Psi Professional Business Fraternity, The Collegiate 100 Black Men of MTSU, NAACP, I am a Student Government Association Senator for the Jennings A. Jones College of Business, a Student Orientation Assistant, and a Middle Tennessee State University Student Ambassador. I am also in the pre-law student organization to help prepare myself for law school. I am leaning toward either Vanderbilt, Emory, and Georgetown Universities. I have to keep my GPA high because I would like to participate in a dual master's program which would allow me to earn my law degree and an MBA in just four years.
And I know the education I am receiving at MTSU will help me achieve my academic goals. Not only are the classes excellent, the professors are, too. They are incredibly helpful. I can call, e-mail, or visit with any of my professors any time I need help or just a little guidance. They are very accessible to students and really will do whatever they can to help. They always give that personal touch and that means a great deal.

MTSU has a lot to offer everyone. It is in the center of the state, which makes it close to just about everyone. We are ranked as the best school in Tennessee by Forbes magazine and one of the best schools in the southeast by Princeton. There is a hometown feel on campus that you just don't get everyone and Murfreesboro is a very welcoming town. There are a plethora of majors to interest just about everyone and there is always something to do on campus or around town.

I honestly did not think MTSU was going to be as much fun as it is. When I got here, my mind was totally changed. And now, I have no idea why I did not want to come here at first. The people are friendly. Students are just people like anyone else and the staff actually talk to you. They want you to succeed and go out of their way to make sure you have what you need to be successful.

Don't just take my word for it - come to campus for a visit and see for yourself what makes MTSU great. Come be one of Tennessee's best at Middle Tennessee State University. You'll be glad you did. I know I am!