Kaitlyn Huckaby
Columbia, TN

Hi, I'm Kaitlyn Huckaby from Columbia, Tennessee and I'm one! I'm one of Tennessee's best and I want you to be one, too.

I decided to come to Middle Tennessee State University after my junior year of high school when I was chosen to be a Girls' State delegate. We spent a week on campus and I fell in love with MTSU. I knew this was where I wanted to go to school - here, I could pursue dream of becoming a teacher.

I have always known I wanted to teach but I never knew what subject I wanted to teach. There were many things that interested me and at which I excelled. But nothing seemed to be "it."; Then I began traveling out of the country on missionary trips. I was able to visit El Salvador, Mexico, and the Caribbean. I truly fell in love with the Spanish language and it came very naturally to me. It soon became apparent to me that teaching Spanish would combine both of my passions - teaching and Spanish.

My classes are a combination of large and small. One of my classes only has 14 people in it, but another has nearly 200. I like that about MTSU. No matter your learning style, you can choose a class that fits. If you want a small, interactive history class, there are plenty from which to choose. If you want the diversity of a larger lecture-style literature class, you can have that, too. At MTSU, your education is what you make of it. My professors have all been incredibly helpful in my learning process. They have been challenging, but in a good way. They want us to reach our potential so they push us to get our very best in class and on our assignments.

Even though MTSU is a large school - we have 26,000 students - I always see someone I know on campus. I see friends from high school, my sorority, some of the fraternities, and people from classes. MTSU has all the resources of a big school, but still has the homey feeling I was looking for in a college. You don't get lost in the crowd at MTSU.

There is something for everyone here. Not only do we have a very diverse student population, there is a broad range of academic programs from which to choose. Anyone can find an outlet here - from the arts and science to concrete industry management, MTSU has something for everyone. There are programs in place to help students study, find jobs, get involved, make new friends, network - it is all here for the taking.

I strongly believe in being involved. When I first came to school, I wasn't sure if the Greek social scene was for me. But once I did my research, I learned that belonging to a Greek society is more than just a social outlet. The Greek community promotes academic accountability, various avenues for community involvement both on the national and local levels, and philanthropic ventures. I decided to join during the fall of my freshman year and I am very glad I did. Being involved in Greek life has been a tremendous experience for me. My sisters help promote good well being, high moral standards, and high self-esteem.

I am fortunate to be able to work while I am attending school. For the past two years, I have been the assistant director of a dance company in my hometown. I still travel back and forth to work and I am very grateful for the opportunity. I get to keep my job and still get that away-from-home experience of living on campus. Since my minor is Health and Physical Education, my part-time job gives me real world experience. I also work in the Admissions Office, giving tours and working with prospective students. I love being able to share with others all the reasons I love MTSU.

So I invite you to come and find what you love about MTSU. I am so glad I'm one of Tennessee's best at Middle Tennessee State University. And you will be, too.