Mabel Hinton
Murfreesboro, TN

Hi, I'm Mabel Hinton from Greenville, KY and I'm one of Tennessee's Best!

I am an Aviation Maintenance Management major and my journey here is one I love to share.

When I was very young, my parents took me to the Kennedy Space Center. I hardly remember the trip, but from then on I knew I wanted to be an astronaut. My room was covered with glowing stars and shuttle launch posters. My favorite television show was Star Trek, and every clear night I was outside with my telescope. My parents thought it was just a phase. Every kid wants to be an astronaut at some point, right? When I still had a passion for space in high school, my father began to take me seriously. He enrolled me in a flight school at Gallatin Airport. It was there that learning about aircraft began to interest me more than space shuttles.

When it came time to choose a major and a college, I focused on my interests. Being hands on with the planes and knowing exactly how each part connected and worked was incredibly interesting. I also enjoyed being a leader and managing projects. The Maintenance Management program concentrates on both aircraft mechanics and their management. MTSU was perfect for me!

I participated in a campus tour of MTSU with my Merrol Hyde classmates. Before visiting we further researched the college, and loved that there were so many different, thriving programs to choose from. At the time, there was a lot of construction going on in both the dorms and facilities, which was very exciting as well! I knew that if I chose MTSU I'd be a part of a new and growing college community with a very impressive history.

I've been involved in so many things at MTSU! I served as treasurer of the Aviation Maintenance Management Club as well as the Activities Coordinator and Philanthropy Chair of the International Aviation Fraternity, Alpha Eta Rho. Through these two organizations, I originated an aviation outreach program in 2009 through which students from various aviation fields of study traveled to local grade schools and educated children on opportunities in aviation. I also organized a campus benefit concert that raised money for local tornado victims in spring of 2009. I'm also a member of the Golden Key International Honors Society, the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, and the National Collegiate Honor Society - Phi Kappa Phi. Through these organizations I've been awarded several awards, both nationally and locally.

MTSU engages student's interest, but it's the entire Murfreesboro experience that will keep you coming back. When on campus, it's just like being in our own town. There are places to eat, a gym, pool, ball parks, homes, etc. Plus, you always seem to run into someone you know. It may be the largest university in TN, but it definitely has a down-home feel. Drive just a second down the street and you see gorgeous old homes and the historic square. But don't be fooled! With two malls and every form of entertainment or restaurant less than 15 minutes away, this is the place to be!

MTSU is known for so many things. Some of which I've already mentioned, but one of the coolest is our reputation. I've traveled all over the US since becoming a student of MTSU, and everyone knows us for something! Out in Arizona and Florida, we are known for our Aviation program. In Kentucky, people know about our campus milk and all our equestrian programs. Then Nashville, Memphis, and even Colorado know about our music program. MTSU isn't just one thing. Its many unique opportunities all working together, making a community that I've proudly called home for years! Come join the MTSU home! Come be one of Tennessee's best!