Organizational Communication

Graduating with a major in

Organizational Communication

Student Exit Process

Before graduation, you must go through an exit process:

(1) Turn your upper division form in to Todd Hall room 231 two or three semesters before you think you will graduate. Work with your advisor on filling this out.

(2) Fill out the Intent to Graduate form (Intent to Graduate Form), print it, and take it to Todd Hall room 231 along with your upper division form. If your intent form says you will graduate in May, for example, and then you decide to graduate in August, you must fill out a new intent form and turn it in to Todd Hall room 231.

(3) If you have taken at least 15 hours of EXL courses, contact Mrs. Carol Swayze ( ) before your last semester and ask about registering for the 1-hour EXL seminar. For more information on the EXL program, check the website at

(4) Take a university exit exam, scheduled by the university. Watch for email notices and for signs posted around the university. All graduating seniors have to take this exam. 

Fill out the department's Exit Questionnaire for Graduating Seniors. You will receive this questionnaire in your ORCO 4500 Senior Capstone class. These will be seen only by the department's Exit Research Team. 

Instead of a Major Field Test (an exit exam in your major), you will turn in a portfolio in the ORCO 4500 Senior Capstone class for review by faculty. Portfolio material should be placed in a large envelope, a file folder, a 3-ring binder, or bound as a booklet, and these will be given back to you.

Please submit papers with no grades or comments on them. Your portfolio must include 8-10 papers and project reports from some of the following courses. You must also include a professional resume in the front of your portfolio. 
* ORCO 3240 Introduction to Organizational Communication
* ORCO 3245 Women, Leadership, and Communication 
* ORCO 3250 Organizational Communication in Communities 
* ORCO 3500 Strategic Communication in Organizations 
* ORCO 3650 Conflict and Organizations 
* ORCO 3750 Organizational Communication Analysis

* ORCO 4200 Multinational Organizations
ORCO 4210 Applied Organizational Projects and/or ORCO 4220 Internship
* ORCO 4450 Directed Study in Organizational Communication 
* ORCO 4500 Senior Capstone in Organizational Communication 
* COMM 3220 Small Group Communication or PSY 4380 Group Dynamics 
* COMM 3340 Interview Communication 
* LEAD 3010 Leadership Theories and Practices or COMM 3300 Communication Theory, Culture and Films
* Great papers from any of the upper division courses you've taken at MTSU. 

Graduate Programs and Certificates

After graduating from MTSU, you may want to earn a master's degree or a certificate. Org Com faculty have compiled a list of programs in nonprofit management, health care administration, recreation and sport administration, tourism and event planning, student affairs, and conflict management.  Please click this for the list of recommended programs:  Post-Graduate Programs for Org Com Majors - Word Document 

Here is some information from the MTSU Graduate Studies web site (

GRE (Graduate Record Exam) general test:  The general GRE exam is now given only on computer in the U.S.  Students may take the exam at the Sylvan Learning Center most convenient to you.  The GRE test code for MTSU is 1466. For more information visit MTSU Testing Services.

The Honors College has some information at .

And some information about preparing for the GRE:


Some of the December 2011 graduates.

Some of the December 2008 graduates.

Seniors get together to celebrate before graduation in May 2009.