Organizational Communication

Honors Contract Courses for

Students in Organizational Communication

Juniors and seniors may take upper division courses in their major or minor as Honors contract courses. These are courses that are not listed as Honors courses, but are allowed to count for Honors credit. Students must meet with the course instructor and agree on enriched or unique course projects/assignments that justify Honors credit. Please see additional information located on the Honors College web page ( ). Students may take up to 4 hours of Honors contract courses.

Contact the following instructors about Honors contracts for these courses:

ORCO 3500 Strategic Communication in Organizations
Dr. Kaylene Gebert, Honors College 202,
Dr. Janet K. McCormick, Jones Hall 344,

ORCO 3650 Conflict and Organizations
Dr. Sharon S. Smith, Jones Hall 346,
Honors students will write a 15-page research paper on a topic not covered in the course or will expand significantly on a topic covered in the course. This additional assignment will require at least eight sources not included in the course material.
Below are suggested topics:
* Organizational climate theories and conflict between supervisors and employees.
* An indepth study of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods, especially mediation and negotiation.
* Responsible use of power and influence, and how this impacts conflict in organizations.
* The role of whistleblowers in organizational life, famous whistleblowers, ethics involved in whistleblowing, and changes in laws protecting whistleblowers.

ORCO 4000 Topics in Organizational Communication: Gender, Symbolism, and Organizational Culture
Dr. Janet K. McCormick, Jones Hall 344,

ORCO 4200 Multinational Organizations
Dr. Janet K. McCormick, Jones Hall 344,

ORCO 4210 Applied Organizational Projects - 1 hour credit
Contact either Dr. Sharon S. Smith or Dr. Janet K. McCormick

ORCO 4220 Internship in Organizational Communication - 1 hour credit
Contact Dr. Janet K. McCormick