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Experiential Learning

Several courses in the Organizational Communication major are experiential learning courses (EXL) and many majors in Organizational Communication have graduated as EXL scholars.  In fact, the first EXL scholars were Org Com majors.  For more information about the EXL Scholars Program, check the website:

Since spring 2008, most students in the Organizational Communication major have graduated with EXL designation.

Two Ways Students Can Participate in the Program:

1. Students are formally admitted to the EXL Scholars program and after their completion of program requirements, they will have the EXL Scholar designation on their transcripts and will wear special cords at commencement to signify their achievement. Fill out the Student Request for EXL Certification, found at and send it to the EXL office through campus mail. 

Program requirements include:

  • 16 to 18 hours of EXL designated classes. EXL classes include internships, study abroad, applied projects, service-learning, creative activity, and laboratory experiences. 
  • At least one external activity. Students who do not have an external activity in their EXL coursework must either complete an external activity or must complete a formal research project. An external activity is defined as a project that requires the student to interact with people external to the university or a research project where students must interact with people outside their department or outside the campus community. 
  • MTSU internal service component. Students may complete this requirement in one of three ways: participate in a leadership role in a campus sponsored charitable activity, volunteer with a campus office to assist other students, or be a campus leader. 
  • Documentation of completion of EXL activities via an E-Portfolio. 
  • Participation in assessment activities.

2. Students may also elect to take EXL courses, but not be formally enrolled in the EXL Scholars Program.

EXL Courses in the Organizational Communication major:

  • ORCO 3240 Introduction to Organizational Communication
  • ORCO 3245 Women, Leadership, and Communication
  • ORCO 3250 Organizational Communication in Communities
  • ORCO 3500 Strategic Communication in Organizations
  • ORCO 3650 Conflict and Organizations
  • ORCO 3750 Organizational Communication Analysis
  • ORCO 4000 Topics in Organizational Communication (selected course sections)
  • ORCO 4200 Multinational Organizations (selected course sections)
  • ORCO 4210 Applied Organizational Projects
  • ORCO 4220 Internship in Organizational Communication
  • ORCO 4500 Senior Capstone in Organizational Communication
  • COMM 3220 Small Group Communication
  • COMM 3340 Interview Communication (selected course sections)
  • LEAD 3010 Leadership Theories and Practices

Spring 2010
Dr. Janet K. McCormick, Outstanding EXL Faculty award
Kimberly Greenwood, Outstanding EXL Scholar award

Students in fall 2011 Multinational Organizations try out ice breaker activities which could
be used in training sessions for employees who will be working abroad.

Students from spring 2010 ORCO 3250 Communities class worked hard on a concert fundraiser to send representatives from VSA to Washington, D. C. in summer 2010. Hands-on experiences like this help prepare Org Com majors for jobs after graduation.