Organizational Communication

Planning Your Schedule
for the major in

Organizational Communication

This sample schedule is a general guide for students to graduate in four years with the required 120 hours.  Download and print this sample 4- year course schedule.

See your academic advisor each semester to make sure you are on track to graduate.  If you are a new student or you can't find your advisor, contact one of the College Academic Advisors.

If you need tutoring in a specific subject, visit the Office of Student Success.

If you want to graduate in less than four years, consider taking courses in the summer. ORCO courses offered in summer sessions are:
ORCO 3240 Intro
ORCO 3250 Communities
ORCO 3500 Strategic Com
ORCO 3650 Conflict
ORCO 4500 Senior Capstone
ORCO 4210 Applied Com
ORCO 4220 Internship
ORCO 4450 Directed Study

Other courses are offered in summer, such as COMM 3340 Interview Com, LEAD 3010 Leadership Theories, and many courses in the Cognate. Also, consider taking some of your electives or courses in your minor during the summer.

Taking six to 10 hours during the summer means you can graduate in three years.

                     Fall               Spring           Summer         Total

Year 1           15                   16                   9                40 hours

Year 2           16                   15                   9                40 hours

Year 3           15                   15                  10               40 hours
                                                                                     120 hours

                    Fall               Spring           Summer         Total

Year 1           16                   16                   6               38 hours

Year 2           18                   18                   6               42 hours

Year 3           18                   15                   7               40 hours
                                                                                    120 hours