Organizational Communication

Student Comments about the

Organizational Communication Major


About the Courses:

Courses were very hands-on and interactive. You had to interact with the entire class, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I learned a lot about what all coincides within an organization, especially this past year

The ORCO Major at MTSU has taught me more about real life experiences than that of any other major in my personal opinion.  I have been able to see the way organizations truly run and the problems that they face.  The Internship experience was one that will benefit my career goals in the biggest way; it was where I truly learned what the real world would be like.

Everything I've learned has been very practical and realistic for the "real world."  I've already been able to see how the content in each class can be used in the workplace and I look forward to being ahead of the game in my career.

I feel as if every major class I took will be beneficial to my future. I enjoyed my classes, and feel as if they will all be applicable to my life after graduation.

I learned so many interesting aspects pertaining to the workplace.  Not only that, I learned quite a bit about myself along the way: how to communicate effectively, plan ahead and working in groups.  I am so grateful that I was able to experience courses that were involved in the EXL program because I was forced out of my comfort zone and ended up really enjoying them.  I would highly recommend this major to every incoming freshman as well as any student who is struggling to figure out what they want to do with their career in the future.

Loved them!  They provided me opportunities to experience and develop a better understating of the concepts and material I was learning.  Loved putting my new knowledge to work!

With every section I felt like I was becoming more and more aware of things that never would have crossed my mind before and am very thankful for that. I realize that all of this information is very beneficial to me.

About the Professors:

My instructors have always been really awesome. They really care about how the students are doing, and they are willing to do a lot to ensure a student having a successful semester.

Every instructor in every course I have had for ORCO course and cognate courses exceeded expectations and have helped me grow professionally and personally. They have been a great role model and have given advices that were well thought and useful. They have made me feel very valuable to them and the major. Everything I learned from them can be applied outside of school.

The professors in the ORCO Major really are genuine people who care about the future of their students. So often I hear that teachers in college are hard for no apparent reason but I think the instructors in this major offer a more effective teaching process. The instructors make our learning valuable and meaningful without having to make it unmanageable.

Truly great professors; very concerned and dedicated to the success of all students.

The instructors are one of the main reasons I loved this major as much as I did! They care so much and they honestly want us to succeed. My professors were always encouraging, which is very helpful especially when things are getting hectic.

I feel that the teaching staff for the Organizational Communication department is wonderful. All teachers truly take interest in their students, and have concern for their success. It is so nice to have teachers that support you and are willing to help you in your academic endeavors.

About Advising:   

I wouldn't be here without my advisors, both official and unofficial. Their commitment to their students and department is stellar and truly make the program what it is.

My advisor was extremely helpful and communicated effectively both in person and through email, which helped tremendously for this last year that I have had to commute to MTSU. 

It is not easy being my advisor because of all of my previous college work, and she did a GREAT job helping me graduate in a timely manner! She trudged through all of my transcripts to perfect my degree plan, and I really appreciate. 

I love my advisor so much.  However, I also love that the other professors care so much, regardless of if they are your advisor or not.  Everyone always take time to help students.

Always there when I needed help. Always very nice and informative when I had questions.

My advisor is absolutely awesome and helped me throughout my college career tremendously! Ever since I changed my major to ORCO, my advisor was there for me every step of the way if I ever needed anything or had any questions which was a great feeling. Dr. McCormick made my college experience much better and is an excellent role model and mentor!

About the Major:

I think ORCO has really prepared us for the "real world"!

I have absolutely loved being a part of this major!  It has truly made my experience at MTSU all the better. 

Loved the major and I am glad I found something that actually made me excited to go to school!!!!

ORCO is an AMAZING major. It made everything I could ever want to experience for college course work great. I know everything I have learned my courses will be applied in my daily life from here on out. More people should become and ORCO major.

I feel truly blessed to have found this major and am excited to start my career with the knowledge I have gained in this process. Thank you all so much for your dedication, time, and concern for all of us students.

I love ORCO. I have always enjoyed the course work and the professors. It is a great major that allows its students to get hands-on experience and truly learn a curriculum that is transferable to any career. I am positively ORCO!

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at MTSU and as an ORCO major. MTSU is my fourth college and ORCO Is my fourth major. They have both BY FAR been my favorite choices. I wish I could have found ORCO sooner! Loved having the option to take so many of my courses online – with having to work full-time and commuting, this gave me the opportunity to squeeze in classes here and there. Thank you for a wonderful experience!

This major has been great to me. I have enjoyed the classes, Instructors, and other students in this major. I think I made a great choice in choosing this major and I hope to pursue a job in some type of communication. I have made new friends and business colleagues that will help me in the years to come. Thanks for a great 4 years!