Organizational Communication

Frequently Asked Questions About Internships and Applied Projects

How do I find an internship or applied project?

The primary responsibility for locating an internship or project rests with the student. Prior to beginning the search, a student can maximize success by defining goals, determining any geographic, financial or time limitations, and being open to non-paid internships. Students may wish to limit their search to only paid internships, but should be aware that they may miss some of the more interesting opportunities.

  • Contact the professor who is listed as instructor for the course. She can provide a list of organizations where past students have interned, announcements of internship and project opportunities, and assist with brainstorming possibilities that fit specific career interests.

  • Contact MTSU's Career and Employment Center in KUC 328. This office provides a wide range of services (including resume building and mock interviews) to aid students and alumni in all stages of the job search, from internships and part-time positions to full-time career opportunities.

  • Contact faculty in your department. Faculty can be an excellent resource for students who want internships or projects in their field. They can pass along useful information about the quality of an internship or project site based on their experiences with other students, contacts they have in the community, etc. They also may know of field-specific resources that can be helpful to students.

  • Contact a specific organization. Approaching specific organizations directly is a frequently used option for students who want internships in particular organizations or geographic areas.

How do I register for an internship or applied project?
After an internship or project is secured with an organization, complete an Internship Agreement Form, and return to the professor. She will then submit a permit so that you can register for the course.

How many credits will I receive?
Both ORCO 4220 Internship and ORCO 4210 Applied Projects require 40 work hours per 1 credit hour.  For 3 hours of credit, you must work 120 hours.

Are internships paid?

While some internships or projects are paid, the majority are not. The amount and form of payment is usually established by the internship site. Compensation for work undertaken as an intern can take a variety of forms including mileage reimbursement, stipends, or discounts on services or products. 
Fall 2011 and Spring 2012, ORCO majors served in these internships and projects:
* Plato's Closet
* MTSU Blue Raider Battalion
* Propeller
* Nashville Wedding Planners Group
* Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)
* A Magical Affair
* Vintage at the Parke Apts.
* MTSU Vice Provost of International Affairs
* Cross Point Community Church
* Decadent Details Events
* Embassy Suites
* LifePoint Church
* Arts Center of Cannon County
* Boys and Girls Club of Smyrna
* Rutherford County Chamber of Commerce
* "Recognize Me" mental health awareness org
* New Vision Baptist Church
* United Way
* Zion Christian Academy
* ALSAC St Jude
* Nashville Predators
* Lantern Lane Farm
* MTSU Center for Student Involvement and Leadership
* Center for Refugees and Immigrants of TN
* Nashville Sports Leagues
* Golf House of TN (TGF)
* Clear Channel radio
* Ritz-Carlton (Naples FL)
* Hands on Nashville