Organizational Communication

Internships and Applied Project Opportunities

Internships and applied projects provide students with practical experiences in a professional work setting. The goal of an internship or project is to better prepare students for careers while discovering likes or dislikes for potential career paths. 
If you want to register for an internship or applied project, you must get permission from the professor who is listed as instructor for the course.

Dr. Janet McCormick
344 Jones Hall

Dr. Mary Beth Asbury
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Dr. Sharon Smith
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For ORCO majors, 3 hours of internship/applied projects count in the major.  If you take more internship or applied project hours, those are electives.  Both ORCO 4220 Internship and ORCO 4210 Applied Projects are repeatable up to 6 hours each.

Students wanting to do an internship should enroll in ORCO 4220.  This is an online experiential learning course, graded A-F, requires 120 work/volunteer hours, and requires four reflective papers and an internship supervisor’s evaluation.  Students also turn in an agreement form and a log of hours.   

Students wanting to do an applied project should enroll in ORCO 4210.   This is similar to an internship, but students work 120 hours on projects both on and off campus with minimal faculty supervision.  It is pass/fail, and so does not require reports or papers, but students turn in an agreement form, a log of hours, and an evaluation form.

Below are some of the internships available.

The MTSU Psychology Department has a great link with lots of volunteer opportunities.

Volunteer Rutherford has good lists of local nonprofits:

Tennesssee Performing Arts Center (TPAC) needs interns.

Rutherford County Chamber of Commerce needs help with fundraising events.

Campus Life needs volunteers.  Contact Sara Knepper at .

Decadent Details Events needs interns to help with events.  Contact Kelly at 615-904-5630 or Susan at 615-497-7990.

Boys and Girls Clubs in Murfreesboro and Smyrna need volunteer tutors, flag football referees, and people to help with the Blues 4 Blues Festival.  Call 615-890-2582.

Expanding Your Horizons conference, held at MTSU in mid September, needs group leaders.  Contact Laura Clippard at

Hispanic Family Center needs help with fundraising, grant writing, and marketing.  Contact Karen Duvall,


Dr. Janet McCormick and Kimberly Greenwood were
EXL Award winners, April 2010. Most courses in the
Organizational Communication major including Internships
are EXL (experiential learning) with hands-on projects
and activities.