Mission, Vision, Value Statement

ORS Mission

In the process of promoting the timely execution of the University's Academic Master Plan and in recognition of our status as a comprehensive university, our mission is to assist our undergraduate and graduate students and faculty in accomplishing the following:

  • Excellence in research, scholarship, creative projects, and public service
  • Quality publications, presentations, manuscripts, and productions
  • Enhanced extramural funding of sponsored programs from federal, state, and local private and public agencies
  • Mutually productive regional, national, and global partnerships with public and private institutions of higher education and industry
  • Promote entrepreneurism, technology transfer, and commercialization of intellectual property
  • Protect human research subjects and regulate the use and care of animals involved in research
  • Uphold and enforce federal, state, local, and institutional policies and procedures governing the effective execution of grants and contracts and the proper conduct of research and scholarship
  • Continue the improvement of research infrastructure in the University

ORS Vision

  • To seamlessly integrate discovery and innovation into the University's primary mission of providing excellent education and training to its undergraduate and graduate students.
  • To create an environment that values the acquisition of new knowledge and the contributions of our faculty and students to this process.

ORS Values

  • Successful and timely implementation of the goals of the University's Academic Master Plan
  • Excellence in research, scholarship, and creative projects
  • Highest standards of ethics and integrity
  • Creation and preservation of productive internal and external collaborations and partnerships
  • Success in the academic and professional careers of our faculty and students